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No description

Ramona Nayeb

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Phones

Step 3

When phones were first invented, they looked like a wooden box with a tube that you talk into, and a hole to hear the other person.
Step 4

How Did It Change Overtime?
Step 2

Phones help us with many things like Keeping in contact with people anywhere, have entertainment when you're bored (games and music), and you can even do research on your phone.

Step 5
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Phones

A phone is a very useful tool. It has some disadvantages though.

The Advantages are that you have something to keep in contact with people and have entertainment.

The disadvantages of phones are that sometimes the games and stuff, some people may take them too seriously, and they forget all about the reality around them, and they miss many important things.
What Need Does It Fill?
How Did It Look Like When It Was First Invented?
Overtime, phones have changed a lot. They went from looking like a big box, to a better looking, more convenient, phone that is also mobile, which means you can take it with you anywhere, so you can call people outside of home.
Step 1
History Of The Phone

In 1876, before phones were made, someone named Alexander Graham In 1926, the silent film phone was made. It was a cannon looking phone, that had a hole you could speak through, and hear the person you're talking to's voice through the same hole. Overtime though, the phones changed, and turned into the kind of phone most people have in their homes, and slowly to the mobile phones that we have now.
In 1876, before phones were even invented, people discovered that if you have two people each hold a tin can, and have a string connecting them, if one of the people talks into the tin can, the other person can hear it through the tin can.
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