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Ways to get active or just relax.

noah grosso

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Hobbies

Hobbies What Are Hobbies Hobbies help you with stress
They relax you in many ways
Its your favorite free time thing
It helps strengthen the mind Hobby Types Biking
Kite making/flying Hobby history Popular Hobbies Collecting
Playing Music
Building My Hobbies Running
Poem Writing
Puzzle Solving Done during weekends or holidays
During the summer and winter
Used by mostly adults and elderly
Usually done alone; sometimes with others
Used for relaxing or excercise By Noah Grosso Useful Hobbies Learning another language
Cooking meals
Reading books
High school summer jobs
Joining a club Fun Hobbies Hiking/ Camping
Drawing/ Photography
Writing Poems/ stories Thank
You "Hobbyhorse" was a 1557 term
It developed overtime into hobby
Originated from "hobyn", small pony
The modern meaning is "recreational"
An old hobby is collecting. Mostly Used
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