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Using the Literacy and Numeracy continuum

How to utilise the Literacy and numeracy continuum to move students along their learning journey.

Jo Blatch

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Using the Literacy and Numeracy continuum

...using the Literacy and Numeracy Continuum. Taking our students on a Learning Journey What's our job? The end of the journey...

...is merely the doorway into the next chapter of LIFE-LONG LEARNING. As professional educators our primary responsibility
is to KNOW:
* What our students need to know
* How they best learn
* What they already know
* What to teach next to move them along Where do I go first? Our aim should be to develop a teaching practice that enables each of us to be experts about the students in our class and how they learn.
Our assessment strategies MUST be to inform us about "where to next?". They are NOT an end in themselves.
Our planning for teaching and learning MUST be tailored for our students. They are not here to fit into our programs. (ESES)
Our job as professional educators is to continue to learn about how our students learn; and ways to enable that learning. The Learning Journey continues... What do my students need to know? (Curriculum)
What do they already know? (Assessment FOR Learning)
Are they working at an appropriate level? (Continuum)
Where do they need to be by the end of the year? (Continuum)
How can I move them on to the next cluster of markers? (Continuum support materials, Curriculum support materials, Collaboration with Stage teachers)
Have they achieved what I tried to teach? (Assessment AS Learning, Assessment OF Learning)
Where to next? (Continuum, Curriculum) Good questions to ask ourselves. Jo Blatch. How? Curriculum
& Indicators) Continuum Assessment Planning Implementation The Literacy Continuum Literacy continuum K-6
This continuum will shortly be revised and extended to Year 10.
This continuum defines eight aspects of literacy found in the research to be critical to successful literacy acquisition.
It describes the development typically expected of most students in the eight aspects:

1. Reading texts, 2. Comprehension, 3. Vocabulary knowledge, 4. Aspects of writing, 5. Aspects of speaking, 6. Phonics, 7. Phonemic awareness, 8. Concepts about print.

To find the interactive continuum (currently website is down) Google the Literacy Continuum. http://www.curriculumsupport.education.nsw.gov.au/literacy/assets/pdf/continuum/k6_contin_2012.pdf The Numeracy Continuum http://numeracycontinuum.com The continuum outlines a progression of learning that can be used when observing students working on problems in mathematics. There are 7 aspects:

1. Counting sequences- verbal and written labels, 2. Counting as a problem solving process- Early Arithmetical Strategies, 3. Pattern and Number Structure, 4. Place Value, 5. Multiplication and Division, 6. Fraction units, 7. Unit structure of Length, Area and Volume. * Know where your students are on the continuum. (choose one aspect at a time to focus on!!)
Choose assessment tasks and strategies that will inform YOU and direct your planning.
* Plot your students on the continuum either with post-its, on paper or using Sentral- whatever works best for you.
* Find which cluster of markers the majority of the class is and plan lessons to move them on to the next cluster (see the teaching notes on the interactive continuums for ideas).
* For those students in lower or higher clusters, you will be able to see exactly what they will need for their LAPs. Using Sentral to track students on the continuum. Open Sentral
Click on Edupro
Select Data Entry (left menu)
Select Continuum Data Entry
Select Literacy or Numeracy
Select your roll class and the aspect you would like
to work on in the drop down menus.
You will be able to enter data for that aspect for the whole class. (You may do one student at a time, and complete all aspects by going in through each student individually.)
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