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Art and Computer Graphics

No description

Destiny Sinclair

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Art and Computer Graphics

Art and Computer
Graphics By: Halie Hagerty and Destiny Sinclair Question
and Answer Question
and Answer Question
and Answer 8. In what year was
Photoshop invented? 9. Describe how art on computer differ from paper and pencil?
How else? Art 7. What year did Nintendo home game system debut? In 1973,______ was the first film to use computer graphics. 6. Two contributions to technology made by Steve Wozniak? 1. Difference between visual and performing art? 3. First video game created in what year? What was it called? 2. What are
computer graphics? Who created the
arcade game
"Pong" in 1972? a. Steve Russel
b. Nolan Kay Bushnell
c. Allan Alcorn
d. Ted Dabney Computer Graphics Visual arts are
pictures, ect..
arts are
plays, movies, ect... Co-founder of Atari,
Nolan Kay Bushnell, assigned
Allan Alcorn a training
exercise which lead
to the creation of Pong. Computer graphics are graphics created using computers and the representation and manipulation of image data by a computer with help from specialized software and hardware. It was created
in 1961 and
it was called
Spacewars. Westworld Steve made Apple 2 and color graphics personal computer. 1985 In 1982 scripts were written, but in 1990 Photoshop was released. Painting and drawing is based on free hand and imagination. Even though computer art requires the same thing, it also is based on math. Also its easier to undo and redo on the computer. performing art visual art
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