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Teacher Orientation

No description

Viren Kapoor

on 5 March 2017

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Transcript of Teacher Orientation

The Gurukul

in collaboration with

Shri Educare Limited

to follow the teaching

practices, values and methodology of

The Shri Ram Schools, Delhi

Thank You!
Code of Conduct - Colleagues
A teacher must treat all colleagues and others courteously and fairly, be respectful, cooperative, use language that may cause offense.
You are a part of one big family, all working towards giving students the best of education. Therefore, it is essential to work as a team
Code of Conduct - Students
Code of Conduct - Visitors/Parents
Namaskar and Welcome to Gurukul
A teacher under NO circumstances is permitted to punish a student PHYSICALLY. If a teacher is found guilty, he/she is liable to legal proceedings.
A teacher is not permitted to the use of abusive language under any circumstances.
The school at the same time safeguards the interest of teachers, in situations where either a parent or a student misbehaves or displays aggression towards a teacher.
The school will take necessary actions against the parent/child in a case such as this
As Gurukul's Ambassadors, you are requested to interact cordially, politely and amicably with all students, visitors and parents.
Incase of any problems, please feel free to approach the management with the assurance that if the teacher's conduct is not questionable, his/her interest will be upheld.
As a part of Gurukul family, you will also be going on visits and participating in workshop and seminars, as a representative of the school, you are requested to keep your best foot forward.
Our Responsibility
Towards Students
Understand them
Be just and fair
Be courteous
Promote a spirit of inquiry, fellowship and joy in them
Not undermine their personality
Not to exploit them for personal interests
Set before them a high standard of character, discipline and personality.
Always encourage them and motivate them to do better and improve themselves.
Be their source of motivation and not the one who demoralize them.
Our Responsibility
Towards Profession
Be sincere and honest to our work.
Go thoroughly prepared to the class
Endeavor to maintain our efficiency
Not to do or say anything which may lower our prestige in the eyes of our students
Not to write or encourage the use of help books
Not to exert any pressure upon the students or parents to engage private tuition
Not act as an agent or accept commission and other compensation for recommending books.
Set an example in citizenship
Endeavor to promote the public good
Uphold the dignity of our calling occasions
Size up the demands and aspirations of the society
Be dynamic leaders and role models when required and to be ideal followers when desired.
What does Gurukul want?
Here at Gurukul,
No child is weak because we believe that every child is SPECIAL, every child has his own strengths and he should be encouraged to pursue his passion.
As teachers, it is our responsibility to find the child's strengths and help him nurture them!
Teacher - Student Bridge
Creates a positive group atmosphere
Helps both students and the teacher relax
Breaks down social barriers
Energizes and motivates
Helps to ‘think outside the box’
Helps to get to know one another

Teacher - Student Bridge
As teachers we need to earn the respect from students. The students might not obey us just because we are teachers, but if we win the hearts of the students and get them to respect us, they will follow and obey us completely
Always enter the class with a smile, make the students enjoy, the class should have a fun loving atmosphere as it motivates and stimulates class interaction and better grasp on the topic being taught.
The duty of the teacher doesn't just end once the school gets over but also includes the bus travel. The school urges the teachers to be attentive during the journey and ensure the safety of students.
It is the record of the day to day activities. It not only informs what topics have been covered but also helps the teacher to plan what he/she will be teaching in the future. In the beginning of the year, the teacher may draw the blueprints of his early work. Schedules of the syllabus to be covered term wise and month wise to be prepared for the subject(s) taught.
Teacher's Diary
A Few Pointers for Teachers
Gurukul believes in simplicity and therefore only permits simple pencil boxes, bottles and tiffins.
It is compulsory for all students to finish their tiffins.
The prayer has to be said before the start of the meal.
Kindly ensure cleanliness in the classroom.
Children to be told to respect their bag as well as books and not keep them on the floor.
Circulars to be read with utmost care and to abide by them.
Lesson Plans to be made and checked.
English is the medium of communication at all times. (Hindi Lesson being an exception)
Kindly do not raise your voice, not even to call out to a fellow teacher.
To encourage understanding of concepts and not rote learning.
Teachers to distribute and collect books and notebooks till Grade III
To brief the students not to take out notebooks from the bag of other students.
To collect the Fun Work
Movie songs and Abusive Language are strictly prohibited
House System
There are four houses in the school - Paramhans, Sandipani, Valmiki and Vashishtha. Each house is headed by a Captain. A member of staff assisted by other teachers acts as the House Mistress/Master. Points are awarded to students throughout the year for co-curricular activities and sports. At the end of the year, the house gaining the highest number of points is awarded a running trophy.

Inter house competitions are organized in Sports, Dramatics, Debates, Elocution, Quiz, Art and Music. The winner house is awarded a running trophy and the winners are facilitated with medals and certificates at appropriate occasions.
Students to wear school uniform on all days unless specified by the Management

This includes Girls having to come to school in one or two plats (choti), depending on the length of the hair. Only orange rubber bands, hair clips and hair bands to be worn.
Code of Conduct - Management
Kindly follow professional code of conduct while interacting with the management.
Under no circumstances does the teacher have the right to misbehave or raise his/her voice while interacting with The School Management.
The management will support you as much as possible if polite and effective communication is ensured
Video 1
Video 2
Important Pointer
Kindly note that all employees of the school are required to inform the management THREE MONTHS prior to resignation or a long leave even if your leave/resignation begins at the completion of the academic year. Please note that the THREE MONTHS should be working months and should not include vacations. This is to uphold the interest of students so as to give them the best education possible.
Uniform Rules
Parents are requested to ensure that Birthday Celebration of their child is confined to his/her classmates only and that too on a modest (no gift items) scale to ensure uniformity.

Parents should not visit the school to bring the cakes and goodies. A packet of toffees can be sent with the child. School uniform to be worn on this day
Birthday Rules
Together We Can...
We will!!!

Our Vision
To make the institution a model, a heritage site of knowledge, a temple of learning, a monument - which people can come back to, even after years of existence
Our Values
To see my child in every child
To work with honesty & integrity
To impart TOTAL EDUCATION, which is not just for the mind but for the soul within.
Our Purpose
To give children of the community, the right kind of education with value oriented growth and overall development
T - Truthful
H - Honest
I - Integrity
N - Nurturing
K - Knowledge
H - Happiness
A - Alert
P - Positivity
P - Polite
Y - Yielding
R - Realistic
E - Energetic
S - Sophisticated
P - Passionate
O - Obedient
N - Noble
S - Scholarly
I - Impeccable
B - Beneficent
L - Laureate
E - Efficient
I - Impartial
N - Nobel
D - Dedicated
I - Intelligent
A - Adventurous
C - Charismatic
I - Imaginative
T - Trustworthy
I - Invincible
Z - Zealous
E - Eager
N - Nonpareil
S - Suave
The Team
Prem Kapoor
Champa Kapoor
Neeraj Kapoor
Responsible, caring and a zealous individual, adding his personal touch to everything he does. An avid reader with passion for knowledge. He believes "Every child deserves the best"
Vikrant Gujral
An enterprising gentleman, a pioneer in agriculture, who was chosen by the Govt. of India for International Farm Youth Exchange Programme organised in United States of America, Rottary Ratan
The Group Vice-Chairman and Head Global ventures – Jindal Steel and Power Limited, who has been awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, India International Award, IIM Platinum Medal by the Indian Institute of Metals
Vivek Sondhi
Ex president Inner Wheel club, works for the upliftment of society. Believes that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
M.D. (Punjab Kashmir Finance), Executive Member of the Punjab Haryana Finance Companies, Honored with 'Kamal Patra' national award.
Vandana Sondhi
Special training in Child Guidance and Counselling, honoured with the Henry Gizzenbear Fellowship by Indian Jaycees.
Vasudha Kapur
A Gold Medallist, honoured by the President of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Degree in French language and a Master's in Education. “If you can breathe then you can learn” – are the words she lives by.
 Kartik Bharat Ram
(Director, SEL)
Graduate from Santa Clara University and MBA from Cornell University, New York. In his current role, he is largely involved in the creation and strengthening of a culture of total excellence across the organisation with studied focus on TQM as a way of management. He is passionately involved in driving aspirations of the company through value-based leadership.
 Himanshu Jain
He is a management graduate from FMS, Delhi University. His interest in the field of Education has pulled him out of his 15 years diversified career in SRF. He moved to Shri Educare Limited in 2011 and is working towards making Shri Educare Limited a known brand in the education space.
 Neethi Srikumar
(Associate V.P. [Operations], SEL)
Post graduate in English Literature from The School of Languages, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. She has also done her MS in Education (Gold Medalist) from The Faculty of Education and Psychology, Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda. won The Intel Teach to the Future Award for Best Integration of Technology in Teaching, for a project on “Throwing Light on Africa – The Dark Continent”
 Sudha Rajmohan
(Associate V.P. [Operations], SEL)
Post Graduate in Physics from Hindu College, University of Delhi, a Master Trainer through 'INTEL- Teach to the Future' and an A level certified teacher for Physics.
Shri Educare Limited
Advisory Board
Stage's of Development
How it all began
In to the Future...
What is it now...
The Gurukul - Early Years
The Gurukul - Senior Campus
Pre Nursery - Grade III
Grade IV - Grade XII
Needs of Our Parents
• Personal Attention of the staff & promoter
• Interactive Classes
• Transport to the door step
• English speaking
• Quality Teachers
• State of the art infrastructure
• Personalized attention to the students
The Gurukul (Regular School)
Vatika, Afterschool Learning Program
Vatsalya, The Workshops
Interactive Teaching
Remedial Classes
Sport Facilities
Activity Section
Periodical homework and assessments
Shri Connect management software
Quality Control by Senior Management and Shri Educare Limited
Differently Abled
Activity Section - Art, Craft, Clay & Theater
Sport facilities
Yoga and Wellness
Workshop and Seminars
Yoga and Wellness
English Speaking Classes
Activity Section
Strength of Gurukul
To provide complete education so that the children don't need to move to a boarding school.
Complete training & structured module for teachers.
Project based education
R&D Department for creative & innovative ideas in Education.
More visiting faculty and guests.
Quality check on periodical basis.
Employee welfare policies.
More orientation for parents and teachers
One tree...Many Seeds...For all learning needs
Extra curricular activities after school - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Activities, Language building and Workshops for Parents to help them grow and achieve what they aspire for. (3:00pm to 5:00pm)
Personality development classes for both the parents as well as children
Workshops and Seminars to train teachers (in school as well as in the vicinity) and help them stay abreast with the latest developments in Education
The sports arena which would be open for students and parents after school as well.
Gyan Gurukul
The Library would be open to members after school for issuing of books and resource material.
Giving back to the society. Classes for the under privileged to help them learn and grow.
Counseling, mentoring and coaching services for both the parents and the students.
Spiritual development classes by Spiritual leaders, through Yoga and Meditation for both the parents and the students.
Gyan Mandir
Unique Selling Proposition
“Simpler solutions to understanding educational concepts”
Integration of in class, extra curricular and Indian values.
Outsourcing through professionals
Collaboration with India's best brand of schools, 'The Shri Ram'
Personalized attention to parents and children.
Why would Gurukul be successful?
Theoretical knowledge integrated with practical application and coupled with the rich Indian culture and values to make good human beings and not just successful. The school follows the teaching practices & methodology of The Shri Ram Schools. The school can boast of the state of the art infrastructure, world class facilities and personalized attention to students and parents.
Responsibility towards Society
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