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DI: One Room Schoolhouse Notion

No description

Shenita Vaughn

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of DI: One Room Schoolhouse Notion

Differentiated Instruction:
Debunking the One Room Schoolhouse Notion For Laughs... Our task is to provide an education for the kinds of kids we have, not the kinds of kids we used to have, or want to have, or the kids that exist in our dreams.
-KP Eerlach Is? Is Not? Individualized Instruction ? Chaotic? Qualitative? Assessment Driven? "Tailoring the same suit of clothes?" Another way to provide homogeneous grouping? Multiple Approaches to content, process, and product? What is Differentiated Instruction (DI)? Grouping students...right? Putting the Level 1 students together, the Level 2's and Level 3's... correct? Watering down the assignment for the lower level students so that they will understand...am I on the right track?? Paddles Ready???
Write "YES" if this is an example of DI, write "NO" if it is not. After you answer, pass it to the next person at your table. Build On Student Strengths Identify your students' strengths and capitalize on them by empowering them. Ok... I know what DI "is" and what it is "not"...Now I need to know HOW!! Focus on Teaching the Big Ideas/Concepts Most struggling learners have a hard time learning "specifics". DI Should be relevant and engaging Plan lessons that engage students and interest them.
If you do so, the lessons will become meaningful and they will develop a vested interest in wanting to learn. Provide the opportunity for students to learn material in different ways Some students learn best through listening, quiet environment, looking at pictures, and/or hands on. Great!!
How do I manage my differentiated classroom? Huh? ALL worthwhile endeavors are often challenging, but are usually worth the effort. Strategies Give more simple, structured directions. Tape recorders can help with reading & giving directions Icons can assist with interpreting print/words. Use of manipulatives, study guides, and organizers. Continuously model expectations. Other strategies.. Have a "home base"... Students go back to their original seats when a bell is sounded. Busy... Have a plan for those students who need help when you are working with others. Assign a "expert". Quick Finishers...expert looks over their paper to ensure. If they are chronic, that means the task is not challenging. Minimize "stray" Movement...Give specific rules about what to do if there is a question (ask the Expert, ask a buddy or mentor); finish early (go over checklist, choose another option on Choice Board or Menu. Reward on task behavior -DAILY! Anymore?? Grading ... Consider this... On Monday I gave a stellar lesson on, How to Ride to Bike. I gave you time to practice and apply what I taught on that same day. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I gave you a grade how well you are progressing. Then on Friday, I gave you a test. Was that fair? Give students opportunities to practice with YOUR guidance without being graded. Feedback and grades should not
be confused. Students should earn grades based on their work. That's why it's important to assign meaningful tasks that aren't watered down, AND that can be demonstrated based on their learning style. Key Components
What students learn Process

How students make sense of the information that they will learn Product How students demonstrate what they learned Content A good Differentiated Activity is something students will make or do... In a range of modes of varied degrees of sophistication in varying time spans With varied amounts of teacher or
peer support that uses skills to help understand
and answer an essential questions
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