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The 5 Themes of Geography Athens Greece

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Rin Zoot

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of The 5 Themes of Geography Athens Greece

The 5 Themes of Geography Athens Greece
By Rin Zoot
The 5 themes of Geography
In this Prezi, I will be explaining the 5 themes of geography through Ancient Athens, Greece. The 5 themes are, Location, (Absolute & Relative) Region, Place, Movement, and Human Interactions with the enviornment.
The Absolute location of Ancient Athens, Greece, is 37.9837155N, 23.72930969999993E.
There are two types of locations. Absolute and Relative. The absolute location is s Latitude & Longtitude, which can get us to the exact location.
Absolute Location
The relative location of Greece is; It is located in Europe, north to Africa, west to Asia, and far east to North America. It is also north of the Mediterranean sea and west to the Black sea.
Relative Location
The Relative location is the location that you can find using other land marks . For example, my nose is on my face under my eyes, and above my mouth.
Region islocationsplaces that have similar characteristics with each other. Like languages, climates, and features. Greece was divided into city states the states were, Athens, Sparta, Megarta,
Place is the landmarks and fetures of a location. In greece, there are landmarks like Olympia, where the olympics were started, and mount Olympia which is a mountain of greece.
A picture of Mount Olympus
Movement tells us how the people moved around. The greeks main source of movement around was on boats and ships across the meditteranean seas and the black sea.
This is a Greek kylix, and it shows two ships fighting at sea
A map showing Europe and most of Africa.
Greek city States, Megarta, Sparta, Athens, Corinth, and Argos.
Human Enteraction with the Enviornment , is how the people interacted with the enviornment. The greeks interacted with the enviornment by catching lots of fish.
A Fish found in greece.
The 5 themes of geography
Temple in Athens.
Thank You for not falling asleep!!!
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