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Brain Cancer Research: MYP Personal Project

No description

Abraham Saleem

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Brain Cancer Research: MYP Personal Project

Brain Cancer Research: MYP Personal Project
By: Abraham Saleem

Steps taken thus far
First, I started off by reading a few books about the cancer
Next, I went onto weebly and started looking at some common themes for websites and chose one
Then, I made a google doc with my research
I am 1/4 through my research right now
I have been through many gale resources
I have gotten a pass to visit the cancer ward
Inquiry Question
What is the Brain and more importantly, what is Brain Cancer? How do you understand what your chances are of getting brain cancer, and how can you prevent yourself from getting it? Also, how do you properly screen for detection of cancer?

AOI and explanation
Health and Social Education

Reason: I want to teach and inform the public about what Brain Cancer really is and what it can do to someone who gets afflicted with it.
Upcoming Goals
Be about halfway through my research
Start adding lots of information to my website on weebly
My Project

It will be a website about brain cancer
I will publish a research document all about the cancer
It will have a multitude of pictures and various other things
Snapshot of work so far
Brain with Tumor
A Neurologist
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