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Socratic Seminar: Of Mice and Men

Introduction to Socratic Seminar

Megan Hackney

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Socratic Seminar: Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men

Socratic Seminar:
In Socratic seminar, teacher and students participate in collaborative, intellectual dialogue facilitated by open-ended questions that allow students the time and space to develop critical thinking skills using a common text.
What is it?
Every student can learn & achieve
Holistic education must be student centered in nature
There are many paths to reach the same objective
Basic Principles
Seminars follow a simple three step process...
How it Works
We are courteous.
We focus on a common text.
We listen to one another.
We share our point of view.
We speak when no one else is speaking.
We avoid sarcasm and personal attacks.
We hold one another accountable to doing our best work.
Seminars can measure depth of critical thinking skills.
During Seminar
Teacher facilitates and tracks
Students complete a post seminar activity, reflect on objectives, and set a goal for the next seminar.
Expected Contributions for
EVERY Student
Cite textual evidence based on close critical reading
Challenge & Question one another
in a civil manner
Entrance Tickets are completed before seminar
Support one another
Add to discussion strands thoughtfully
Each Seminar is Unique
Students read with annotation and complete entrance ticket
Students run the discussion based on open-ended questions
Student scores are based on meeting contribution expectations & the seminar objective.
Listen Respectfully
Students demonstrate critical thinking through collaborative inquery supported by textual evidence
Today's Seminar:
20 Ring Circus

Each group must select a...

1) Question Leader
2) Participation Tracker
3) Time Keeper
Full group seminar
Inside outside
Three ring circus
Hot seat seminar
Team debate
You Should Know That
Seminar won’t be interesting unless you make it interesting.
There may be some awkward moments. That’s ok!
You may not agree with what everyone says.
It is your responsibility to get your voice into the conversation.
Why Do Seminars?
Balanced participation
Developing critical thinking skills
Speaking and listening practice
College and career preparedness
Confidence building
What it Looks Like
What to do?
Question Leader: Lead the group through the questions. Allow for process time. Prompt for clarification. Help build understanding.

Participation Tracker: Note the frequency and method of individual participation using tracking sheet.

Time Keeper: Watch the time. Help the group transition when necessary.

Participants: PARTICIPATE!
What the students say...
+ = contributes verbally
! = cites textual evidence
? = asks a follow-up question
(or) deepens the thought process
- = disruptive/distracting
1-4 Holistic Scale

4 =Prepared & meets objective
3 =Prepared & contributes
2 =Prepared & doesn't speak
1 =Not prepared & takes notes
Level 1: Comprehension
Level 2: Interpretative
Level 3: Application
Level 1 Questions: Must answer 2 questions using quote from novel
Level 2 Interpretative Questions

You must answer 5 questions
Level 3 Quetions: Must answer 3
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