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Rugby World Cup 2015

No description

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Rugby World Cup 2015

Rugby World Cup 2015
Target Market
Age - Between 9 - 14
Gender - Male & Female
Demographics - All areas of the UK, involvement of all classes
Interests - Sports

Appeal to both children and their parents
Game itself used as a platform to communicate with users e.g. information on how to get involved in rugby
Campaign/Product slogan of 'Rugby's Coming Home'
Use a variety of different events/ advertising techniques to reach out to target market and their parents
Product Overview - Game
Free download-able game to be released in conjunction with collectable figurines
Game will have different levels covering different aspects of rugby e.g. kicking, tackling
Introduces youngsters to the rules and disciplines of rugby whilst entertaining them
Figurines can be scanned to unlock 'Special Characters'.
Characters have different attributes and special abilities.
Product Packaging
Outer plastic packaging to be molded in the form of a rugby ball on a kicking tee.
Inner card visual display displayed around the figurine
Unique and eye catching design
Contains official Rugby World Cup logo as well as product logo and slogan
Gives information on accompanying game
Promotional Activity
Why Children?
Potential Market Space
Promotional Activity
TV Advertisement
Demonstration Stands
Event Days
Posters & BillBoards
Budget Considerations
Packaging Costs -
£50,000 for 150,000 units
Production & Design Costs -
£250,000 for 150,000 units
Promotional Activity costs -
TV Advert- £200,000
Posters - £20,000
Events Days - £80,000

Not many Rugby Toys on the Market
Unique Idea
Market Space for Collectible Rugby Toys
Market Space for Rugby Games/Applications

Events days will consist of -
Local Rugby Clubs holding Rugby Activities/Lessons
Competitions to win Rugby World Cup Heroes memorabilia
Bonus in-game extras available to those who take part
Focus on concept of Rugby returning to the land of its origin
Products endorsed by players that younger and older generations will recognize e.g. Lawrence Dallaglio and Owen Farrell
Reinforce branding and product identity with use of slogan and logos
Adverts to be shown from 4pm to 6pm and during the day to coincide with target viewing habits
Children are the future generation of the sport of rugby
World cup provides unique opportunity to influence and inspire the next generation
Long term investment
Easily influenced into trying new sports
Combination of modern and traditional technologies provides effective means to communicate with today's children
Will feature Local Rugby Players demonstrating both the Collectable Figurine and the Game/Application
Installed in Shopping Centers and Supermarkets - family orientated locations
Affiliates the product with grass roots rugby to drive participation rates upwards
Collectable figurines of Rugby characters from nations participating in the World Cup
Mobile App Game 'Rugby World Cup 2015' to be launched in conjunction with figures
Each figurine has unique QR code which can be scanned to unlock character on game
Characters have different attributes
Serve as permanent memorabilia for the World Cup as well as toy/collectable
Product Overview - Figurines
Market Research
"Tablets top children's Christmas toy lists"
(Marketing Magazine, 2011)

31% of 9-11 year olds have a mobile phone (Mintel, 2013)
69% of 11-14 year olds have a mobile phone (Pew Research Centre, 2011)

Consumer spending in the UK on toys and
games was £2,011 million in 2012 (Mintel, 2012)
Consumer spending has increased 3 years running (Mintel, 2012)
Potential Retailers
10 variations on figurines - 6 Nations, Tri-Nations and Samoa
Each figure has special ability when code is scanned into game
QR code scanned to unlock new characters
Figurines can be detached from base when desired
Displayed as ornament or used as toy
Memorabilia factor to product, living on after the tournament
TV Advertisement
Demonstration Stands
Event Days
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