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Twitter for Lawyers

Why twitter is important (even if you do not intend to use it) and an introduction (in case you do)!

tomasz stasiuk

on 4 August 2010

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Transcript of Twitter for Lawyers

Twitter? Why should you care about The president tweets! 104 year old Ivy Bean Tweets! Senators tweet! Mainstream Breaking News Engagement Where they will talk about YOU! Oprah tweets! In the News Reporters covering cases on Twitter
Clients are tweeting
Jurors are tweeting Twitter is where people go to

1. Praise

2. Complain

(not in that order...) Have I convinced you to join Twitter? Basics TWEET! Sign Up Tweet! Follow Interesting People If you see something interesting... Organize Organize them into Lists Un-follow Block You have 140 characters to tell the world how declious your lunch is! OR What you did today?

Link to a fascinating article.

Share a legal insight! Ask Questions Answer
Questions! Re-tweet it! Copy & paste the tweet with "RT" or "via" in front of the user's name
Messaging Send a private message by putting "DM" in front of their name ... You can only Direct Message people who follow you! Now, it's time to ... Link Shorteners # Hash
tags Hash tags let you follow a topic even if you do not follow the person tweeting! Hash tags are a great way to follow what is happening at conferences! Etiquette Don't Be A Noob! Click "Sign Up"

It's free

You just need an email address Just go to ... Let's assume the anwer is "YES! YES! TOTALLY YES!" Even the REALY
important stuff... The easy way is to use the pull down mentu. If you do not like someone's tweets, don't be afraid to "un-follow" them! Blocking a user prevents them from:
1. Becoming a follower.
2. Adding you to their Lists.
3. Sending you @user messages.

However, blocked users can still see your public tweets on the "Public" page.
10. u nly hv 140 char, s’ok 2 abrviate

9. Don't steal tweeted links - RETWEET !

8. You don't have to follow everyone who follows you.

7. You don't have to KEEP following someone -- unfollow at will!

6. Don't go crazy following hundreds of people at a time!

5. Watch your friend to follower ratio.

4. Don't tweet 20 links in a minute
S-P-R-E-A-D them out!

3. If you are linking to your own content,
link to (at least) the same amount of other user's content.

2. You don't have to read EVERY tweet since you last logged on. But, try to read any @replies or direct messages.

1. Do not tweet while intoxicated / depressed.
textsfromlastnight.com TOP 10 TWITTER
DO'S AND DONT'S Get an Avatar Good ratio! BAD ratio! "Using the Twitter bird avatar is worse than being a tourist in NYC." Get a Background Complete the Bio "Wealth Coach"
"LinkedIn Rockstar"
"Internet Marketing Shogun"
"Student and teacher of manifesting properity and success from a metaphysical and spiritual perspective" BUT, Avoid gimmicky descriptions Turn off geo-tagging when
tweeting from home! Don't click on suspicious links! If you get a message that says “lol is this you” with a link attached... Twitter for Lawyers planet10tech.com
@planet10tech Twitter introduces your content to new readers

Twitter helps you find content your readers are interested in

Twitter connects you with other practioners around the country (How long before the judge & the opposing party is tweeting...) Or, just press the retweet button... Send someone a public message by putting "@" in front of their name... Remember: you only have 140 characters! A long link can use them all up! You can also send tweets directly from the shortener service! NOOB! Even a Simpson's avatar is better than the twitter bird. Don’t click on it! Unless you WANT your followers to follow you home Presented by
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