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Sexual Abuse

No description

Adrian Mondragon

on 14 February 2017

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Transcript of Sexual Abuse

Connection and letter
Opened and Closed Ended Question
Opened Ended Questions:
-Multiple Answers
Closed Ended Questions:
-questions only have one answer
Best questions to use in surveys:
-Close ended; they give a better sample of the data

Abuse in families
Family Abuse
Type of sampling used
Connection: AP World History

Letter: CWLA
By: Brandy Vega, Adrian Mondragon, Osvaldo De La Cruz
Do People know if their family members are being abused?
Surveys are used to collect data easily
They can be easily disturbed
Our topic is about abuse in families
Inspired by Donald Trump
The type we used was
Simple Random Sampling
Closed Ended Questions
More People have answered often
Very often is the least answered
54% said no
45% said yes
79% students have not abused
21% student have been abused
33% said yes
67% said no

Trabajamos Todos
Ayudamos unos y ortos
Terminamos el trabajo
Estábamos atrasados durante el provecto
Procrastinar con el trabajo
No haciamos mucho del trabajo en clase
Connection and Letter
Connection: History

Letter: Bill Wilson Center
Connection and letter
Connection: MA history

Letter: Sam Liccardo, Mayor of San Jose
Thank You
47% said Learned from family members
46% said drug abuse
7% is alcohol
Parameters are:
The different characteristics a population can have
The place they are from
25 people said they were in the middle
Most people went with options 6-10

More people answered men than any other choice
Women is the least chosen answer
60% of people said men have more power
40% of people said men don't more power
67 people said yes
33 people said no
72% said yes
28% said no
Women are just as likely to be the abusive one in a relationship
Types Of Sampling
Simple Random Sampling
Selecting people from a population where each person has the same chance of being chosen.

Systematic Random Sampling
Developing a system to chose the survey takers (writing names and age)

Stratified Random Sampling
Picking multiple samples in a population and averaging the results
What can be learned?
The effects of abuse on teens
How teens would handle that situation
Survey Questions
Have you ever been abused?
Does being abused make you an abusive person too?
Can abuse lead to other crimes in their family?
Conducting our survey
Each one of us had to give the surveys to a specific grade here at LVLA
We went around to advisories and gave them out there
Question Reflection
Most of the questions provided effective answers
They were easy to answer

Something we would change:
The delicacy of the questions
The specificity of the questions
To summarize our Key finding
People are being abused in our School
We are very concerned
Families need support

For the government to raise awareness for families
People should reach out to their communities
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