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Career Project: Pharmacist

Bryson Per. 5

Janet Chen

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Career Project: Pharmacist

Career Project:
The How-To
The Interview
By: Janet Chen Per. 5
Helping patients understand their medication though:
Side effects
Giving advice to patients
Oversee technicians (interns)
Working Environment
Most work at retail stores or universities, some have specialized fields
Settings outside of retail includes Clinical Pharmacists and Consultant Pharmacists
Clinical: work in hospitals, etc. and spend little time dispensing medication; instead involved in direct patient care
Consultant: advise healthcare facilities/insurance providers on improving services; also can directly advise patients
Why is it a Good Fit?
Drug stores
Grocery/Department stores
Most work full time and spend the most of their day on their feet
Also work nights and weekends
Sometimes on call
Related Fields
Medical Scientists
Pharmacy Technicians
Physicians and Surgeons
Registered Nurses
"Right Fit" Schools
No exact major to get into pharmacy school
Possible majors can include Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, etc.
J: What are some qualities needed for the job?
P: Someone who is versatile and enjoys science and medicine, is resourceful and not afraid of hard work would enjoy pharmacy. The population is aging and people are living longer. A pharmacist is indispensable! It is rewarding and the best part is that it is always dynamic.
J: What advice would you give to someone considering pharmacy as a career option?
P: Try volunteering at a hospital pharmacy or community pharmacy to get a feel for the career. Pharmacists are experts at being a liaison between the doctor and layman. We explain things in English and every type of pharmacist has an impact on society. A lot of which is behind the scenes. In the community, we are the last medical person a patient sees before taking their medication and we have to be sure to catch any mistakes that will harm anyone. Many lives have been saved by pharmacists, people just don't realize it.
J: What are some of the pros and cons of being a pharmacist?
P: Pros: here is a lot of flexibility; I can transition from one specialty to another, one setting to another, each with a different challenge and hard work but always rewarding...The clinic setting offers immediate feedback from the patient and is face to face....I currently work in home infusion - similar to home health and I really enjoy this part.
Cons: The fact that it is 24/7. Someone has to work the graveyard shift and it's not easy for anyone. It's a challenge to be accurate in normal waking hours but to be accurate at 3am or 4am and calculating medication doses tests our abilities at another level. In the hospital setting, there can be very busy moments where stress is at maximum levels and the need to be very quick & accurate....
with Dr. Wawan "Penny" Natapraya

According to the personality test, I
prefer thinking over feeling and judging over
perceiving. My type is INTJ, which are the
attention to detail and doesn't mind hard work,
which are two essential qualities of a pharmacist.
I also enjoy helping others, which is another
major task that is involved
scientists. Overall, I am a person who pays close
in being a pharmacist.
Allegheny College (40 Colleges that Change Lives)
Other than the usual biology, chemistry, physics, and calculus, communication skills are also emphasized upon. Students of the pre-health program are able to create a program balance. Its senior project, an original piece of research, demonstrates being able to analyze and synthesize information and to speak and write effectively.
Washington University in St. Louis
A wide variety of resources are available. Other than advisers, there is CAREERlink, their career management system, which helps students search for jobs, internships, and RSVP for programs, workshops, etc. There are also a wide variety of research and volunteer opportunities.
Finding the Right Path
Thank you! :)
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