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The 7 womders of the world wh

No description

Gareth Jones

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of The 7 womders of the world wh

The 7 wonders of the world
Taj Mahaml
the taj mahal is a very nice place to visit and to get out of the house. the taj mahal is mad out of marble and glose pink in the morning and gold in the night.
The colasiam.
the colasiam is a man made stadiam. the romans wer fiting ther chother cos they hat to or iven fight animals. to make the animals mad by pocen them wiv e a sharp stic and then mace them stave so they coud by mad then lete them out of the caje.
Piramids of guza
the piramids of giza is natural piramid not a man made. 1000 ,s of people come hiyre evry yere for holadays and for a nice day out.
Great wall of china
the great wall of china is the logest wall ever bilt by men in china. milions of people come hiyr for holadays.
Petra jordan
petra jordan is in a desart and good for seeing. it,s like a house but not as cousy as a real hous. petra jordan is red becos of the hit.
Crist the redimen.
crist the redimen is in rio and perfect to go and see. thers a cherg under crist the rademan and is famos for that it is.
Chin nitza.
chin nitza is like a piramide but not. the chin nitza has over200 steps and takes cwite a long time to get up the steps.
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