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Well U: Fruits and Vegetables

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on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Well U: Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables
Why eat fruits and vegetables?
There is and has been a guideline for the intake for these before you have been alive!

Consumption Information
Why is it important to consume more?
How to consume more
Choose to eat a fruit every morning for breakfast
Try a salad and/or fruit to lunch
For dinner add vegetable like steamed onions or mushrooms on your steak
Try to replace one snack a day with a piece of fruit

I have mapped out the vegetables and fruit that are available at restaurants and dinning halls around Whitewater. They are EVERYWHERE!! If you make a conscious effort it is simple.
The normal intake for vegetables in the United States is 1.6 servings a day for adults.
The normal intake for fruits in the United States is 1.1 servings a day for adults.
Pull out your phones!!!
Not only can it prevent chronic disease such as diabetes and
heart disease
and it can
. ( leading killers in U.S.)
Contains very little fat and is often filling!
Contains many essential Vitamins and Minerals
It makes you feel better (most important)

It is recommended to have 7-10 servings!
What if you don't like the taste of vegetables and fruit?
Dip vegetables in veggie dip to add more taste. Some popular choices are ranch and hummus

Make a smoothie of your choice!

Eat Vegetable Soup!

Add vegetables to Ramen or other noodles!
Farmers Markets
Often the place for the best produce
local economy

Less pesticides/herbicides
Lower carbon footprint

Note: Farmers markets tend to be more pricey compared to grocery stores.

Remember you get what you pay for
Grocery Stores
Buy fresh vegetables/fruits try to avoid the canned variety
Choose quality over quantity
$7.3 billion
total expenditure on marketing by food industry in 1999

Note: Pay attention to the layout. The healthy food is located along the perimeter try to spend most of your money on those foods.

Remember you get what you pay for
Common Myths!
1. Eating too much fruit will cause symptoms of blood sugar problems.

2. To lose weight I need a diet high in protein and low in carbs

3. You can't drink soda, eat birthday cake and eat candy

4. Eating just before bedtime is fattening.

5. Following a fad diet is a safe way to quickly lose weight.

6. Just because you exercise a lot means you can eat whatever you would like.

Where do you think you would be in five years if you didn't eat fruits and vegetables?
If you keep going the way you are going where will you be five years from now.
My Challenge to you!
Take a picture of your plate resembling the MyPlate design
Upload them to the Well U Facebook page!
Eat one more fruit of a different color then you normally do.

It is normal to not put down the bag of chips after one bite. There seems to be a scientific reason why.
Barriers to eating fruits and vegetables
A lot of people have barriers when it comes to consuming more, some include:
Environmental Factors
Lack of Knowledge

What are you barriers to consuming more fruits and vegetables?
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