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Graphical Communicaton

No description


on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Graphical Communicaton

...design products
freehand sketching
is a quick and effective method of explaining your
Aboriginal Art
How do we teach freehand sketching to kids
appropriate pencil choice (HB pencil long and pointed tip)
faint lines which increase in intensity once the object builds up
decisive markings- no dithering
parallel lines and proportions
building objects using basic solids such as sphere, cube, cylinder and the cone
shading and rendering
some inspiration from the web
Our aim
is to forge a new generation of designers who are able to find innovative and creative solutions to everyday problems
Graphical Communication
This is how it may have started
African Tribal Art
All kids have the ability to draw
... as educators we should
cultivate the children's innate
ability to draw and sketch
while Leonardo Da Vinci
explored Aerial persective & more...
Filippo Brunelleschi

developed linear perspective
What else do we know?
Prove it!

Contemporary Fresco Painting
Well sharpened pencils
Basic solids
Colour and Rendering
Freehand sketching
Mayan Art

Ancient Egyptian
Drawings & Bass-reliefs
Ancient Greek Art
Ancient Roman
Mosaics and Frescoes

Late Antiquity & Byzantine
Iconography & Mosaics
Romanesque Style
...and from that point in time as the human kind evolved, so did their sketching techniques

Cave Paintings
my son's sketches
Where do we start???
Here are the main steps
in this human artistic development
Some Renaissance
sketches still inspire
designers today
some important
contributions where...

In-Service Course 2014
How to shade on the white board
All these contributions inspired our school's
by stephen grima
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