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Introduction to memoir writing

No description

Sarah Boyd

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to memoir writing

What is a memoir?
A narrative (story) about an important event in the author's life that had an affect on them.
Characteristics of a memoir
Let's see if we can add to this list....

A memoir is about a true event
A memoir is written from the author's point of view
What a memoir is NOT
Fake, made up, fiction
Straight up facts and explanations
An autobiography
About an unimportant event/ lesson
Contains few details and desciptions

Where does inspiration come from?
Purpose of memoir
To tell a personal story
-To make the reader laugh, cry, smile, feel they way you felt

To make your voice heard
-Share your experience
-Share what you've learned

Introduction to memoir writing
Don't tell the reader what happened

SHOW THEM through your words
We'll do more with this later...
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