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Industrial Revolution Time Capsule Project

No description


on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution Time Capsule Project

Camera Obscura
Made in the in the 1820s by Nicephore Niepce, this was the first camera successful at preserving an image, eliminating the need
for it to be traced,
which was how
other cameras
at the time
Edison's Phonograph
Made by Edison in 1877, This was the first machine able to record AND play back sound to people. Edison got the idea working on a method to transcribe telegraph messages.
Made in 1844 by Elias Howe, the sewing machine greatly improved the productivity of the clothing industry.
Elias Howe's Sewing Machine
Induction Electric Motor
Invented in 1888 by Nikola Tesla, this was the predecessor for any modern motor we see today, such as a car's.
Developed in 1908 - 1913, Henry Ford made transportation easier for people, and practically started the car industry.
The Model-T Ford
The Iphone
Introduced in 2007 by Steve Job's Apple Inc., this is possibly the most popular and recognized phone available for purchase today.
Youtube was made by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim in 2006. I was named the greatest invention of that year, it was the first way to easily share your videos with other people.
A Flashdrive with Youtube on it
Bluetooth Technology
Bluetooth was invented by the Ericsson company in 1994. Bluetooth revolutionized the transfer of data by not needing to use cables to transmit it.
Google Glass
Google Glass was made in 2013 by Google. It was based off the idea that a computer could be put basically anywhere. It certainly is ahead of it's time.
The GPS idea was introduced in 1973, but became fully operational in 1995. It made travel easier, with no need for a confusing map.
Industrial Revolution Time Capsule Project
By: Caitlin Lydic
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