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November Blues

No description

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of November Blues

Quote portraying plot
"I don't sleep at night,November, wondering about the answers to all these questions...honestly,I thing it's time that you figure some of this out yourself."
Types of conflicts
Man vs. Man:November is pregnant and has to face it alone.
Man vs. nature:Jericho expresses his anger in the field and goes through many struggles.
Person vs. Society:Josh's parents go to court to claim the baby. November has to make a tough decision on that.
November:Main character who is left with many conflicts.
Jericho:Important character for losing his cousin.
Mrs.Nelson:November's mom, who deals with her alone.
Dana Wolfe:She has a major role because she is November's best friend.

Favorite character
In November Blues my favorite character is November. She takes many challenges and goes through them without giving up. She reminds me of my sister who pregnant at 16. She has pulled through a lot just like November did. she is a very sympathetic person and a beautiful young lady.
November Blues
By:Sharon M. Draper


November Nelson,16, is pregnant by her boyfriend Josh Prescott, who died in a pledge gone wrong trying to get in a fraternity. Jericho, who was Josh's cousin and best friend, quits his hobby of playing the trumpet, and starts playing football. Football helps him get the anger out of losing Josh. With all this November must figure out how to deal with school and a baby at the same time.
Josh dies leaving his girlfriend pregnant. November and Josh had been dating for a couple of months and did not expect this to happen. Jericho, Josh's best friend/cousin' is left with much pain because they had been friends since their day one. This story begins on March 30, 2008.
Point of conflict
November Blues brings numerous conflicts for our characters November, and Jericho. Josh, November's boyfriend, and Jericho's cousin, dies leaving November pregnant and Jericho with much pain trying to get over his tragical death.
Rising action
November feels sick at school one day and throws up
She then goes home with a pregnancy test and discovers she is two months pregnant.
The first person she tells is her best friend, Dana Wolfe.
Josh leaves November pregnant
November does not know if she should keep the baby
November's decision brings her to numerous problems
Jericho is having a hard time getting over Josh's death.
After November Decides to keep her baby she tells her mother and becomes very upset. After a sudden outburst in class November reveals she is pregnant. When Josh's parents find out about the unborn child they go to court to request that the baby goes with them. November has a hard time deciding on whether or not she wants to keep the baby. After going through many thoughts she decides to keep the baby.
Falling action
When November decides to go back to school, embarrassed of her pregnancy, she walks into her Ex-Best,Arriel, friend who starts drama between November and Olivia. Olivia and Arriel end up fighting. After, Olivia, Dana, and November go to Jericho's football championship game together, and when November gets home, she starts getting contractions.
The theme of this book is to never make decisions that are going to affect your life. The person you plan on being always there fore you may leave when you least expect them to. Also when you need them them the most you are going to realize you are alone in this.
Quote supporting theme:
"It's like a clean notebook-full of pages with nothing written on them"
Quote from favorite character
November is taking to a hospital, and finds out her baby is two months early. Everyone with her is there hoping everything turns out good. Time goes by and she goes on to giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, naming her Sunshine.
November Blues mainly takes place in a suburban high school. Her school is big and many students attend.
Quote for setting:
"The death of sixteen-year-old Joshua Prescott has rocked Fredrick Douglas High School to it's core."
Point of view:
First person. Both November and Jericho are telling the story.
Most memorable moment:
My most memorable moment of this book was when November gave birth. I Chose this because everybody was worried about her and her baby. It had a good outcome because the premature baby came out healthy and she was named Sunshine.
"I love being with him. But I didn't love him- not deep down inside where those feelings are suppose to be."
This quote interests me because somehow brings us to reality. Many people live in lies and break people for not being truthful of their real feelings in the beginning.
I absolutely recommend this book to teenagers. It shows a lot of conflicts that can be real in our world. This is a type of book every teenager will enjoy. I know that because when I started reading this book I Couldn't put it down. I highly recommend that you read November Blues.
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