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No description

Alyssa Williamson

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Artist

My Duties
are to... Paint communicate
With my inner thoughts
and Fellings 154,840 per year My Salary 41,710 per month My education internships that demonstrates
competency My Career were my job
is... house office workshop garage small quiet
space By:
Buisness Technology
Mr.Bradley we were made by
famous artist but we were made by
people just like you tools for the job paint paint-brush imagination My job is a Fine artist.
Fine Artist do the normal
thing which s painting and
sculpting. high school deploma occupation
license were people that sculpt.
were people that
were people that street
paint Classes Art English Math Science social studies these are to get yuor high
school diploma as well because
without that you cant move on
to you r career. extra activites/
after school activities we were sculpted by
famous people What is my job? Fin :) Sculpting gear
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