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New Zealand

The Youngest Country on Earth

Alison Von Deylen

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of New Zealand

WHen it's winter here, it's summer there!!! Perfect winter break vacation AUckland
Average High: 75 F
Average Low: 54 F Travel Plans AUckland International Airport
Flight Plans
American Airlines
St. Louis to LAX to AUckland
ENd of january to beginning of february
avoid holiday rush
about 2000 dollars roundtrip
OVernigth connection
BUs into city

WHere to stay Hotel: Hilton Auckland Price: from 176 dollars per night location: 300 meters out to sea on princes wharf Places to Visit nearby:
sky tower-1 km
Victoria park market-3 km
parnell village-3 km
Full Spa
Internet access
Room service
Fitness center
practical info 1 dollar=1.38 new zealand dollars intercity bus line and newmans coach lines to main tourist areas bus and train services within the city bike rentals available location, location, location! southeast of australia south pacific ocean/oceania 41 S 174 E things to do, places to go, people to see! Sky tower 328 meters tall tallest building in southern hemisphere 12th tallest building in the world take an elevator or walk up the stairs 1,267 steps three observation levels higher than the eiffel tower skyjump!! fall 192 meters down!! walk around the skywalk 192 meters up in the air!! 360 degree views Shopping! victoria park market cafes handcrafts accessories souvenirs Zambesi New Zealand's most influential fashion label 2 stores in auckland New zealand Checklist Everyday Clothes
Evening/nice clothes
outdoor gear
workout/running clothes
running shoes
travel guide 16 km trail across auckland explore the coast see some volcanoes view the city take a look at the local culture bike or walk all at once or over multiple days coast to coast walkway auckland, new zealand
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