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Brooklyn Cunningham

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of CreepyPasta

What Are Some Old Horror Characters?
You all probably know about the werewolf or Dracula, but there are characters before them

Nosferatu was an old vampire, probably one of the first iconic ones ever. His movie was made in 1922, and it is one of the first horror movies.

Old Nursery Rhymes
Eyeless Jack
Jeff the Killer
What Is It?
Creepypastas are internet horror stories, or sometimes videos, passed around on forums and other sites to disturb and frighten readers. There are many types of CreepyPasta stories, such as
Based On A True Story
Video Pastas
An example would be BEN Drowned
Season One
The series begins with Jay explaining how in 2006, he received multiple tapes documenting the production of
Marble Hornets
, the student film that his old friend, Alex Kralie, had been working on. Disturbed by an unexplained, faceless figure (Which they call "The Operator") Alex then disappears, and Jay investigates and digs deeper into the tapes. He posts his theories on YouTube calling them "entries." Many things happen and he soon suspects Tim, an actor in the movie Alex was making, has something to do with Alex's disappearance. He continues to investigate and soon becomes paranoid and sets up cameras around his house. After that, he finds a masked man watching him while he is sleeping. Then, he moves away, thinking he is safe and no longer being watched. He then receives a tape that shows a clip of Alex with his girlfriend. She found his old video camera and started filming. Then The Operator shows up and the video ends before Jay could find out their fate. Words then flash "HELP ME" on the screen and its over.
There are 2 more seasons after that. Anyways, the main characters in this are

Jay, the main character and the one posting the entries.

Alex, the friend who created the Marble Hornets then goes missing

The Operator, the antagonist of the webseries. Also known as Slenderman

Masked Man, one of "The Operator's" or Slenderman's proxy
What Are Some Newer Creepy Characters?
Where Did They Originate From?
It's not really known, but many believe it started from older horror stories and characters from way back. Also from nursery rhymes that were meant for kids!
What Are Some Video Pastas?
There are lots of videos where people read the stories and you can just listen. Mr. CreepyPasta is a well known reader.

There are some videos though, like
Marble Hornets
. Marble Hornets is a YouTube webseries inspired by the Slender Man online myths. The first episode was posted on YouTube on June 20, 2009, the creator is Troy Wagner. The webseries went on for around 6 years, and it ended on June 20, 2014.
Ring Around The Rosie was a reference to the body rash due to infection, the posies were the herbs to defend against the infection, “Ashes to ashes” is the burning of the bodies, because there were so many corpses. Finally, “all fall down” actually refers to death. These all were the symptoms of Black Death or the Great Plague. It killed 75-200 million people.

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary- The Mary in this rhyme is the Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII. She was referred to as the “Bloody Mary” and a staunch Catholic. The garden is actually the graveyard of the martyred Protestants. “Silverbells” is a euphemism for “cockleshells” and “thumbscrews” which were used to torture.
was created in 2009 on
Something Awful Internet forum
in a photoshopping contest. Later on the game
was invented, where you go around searching for 8 pages.

Jeff The Killer
's story was made around 2008, making readers frightened to
"Go To Sleep."
Jeff was badly burned and his face became white and leathery feel. His brown hair became a jet black color and his eyes lost their blue glow. Then, he carved a smile into his face and burned off the rest of his eyelids.

Yvett the Insane
is a newer Creepypasta made by us. We created her to strike fear through the readers for simple things. Her character is controlled by the one and only Slenderman, and when someone does something he doesn't like, Yvett is sent to kill them by the object the victim loves most.
Jane the Killer
Marble Hornets
Based on A True Story
In the end, Creepypasta is just fictional stories to entertain and frighten readers. No characters are real and no one should sacrifice their best friends to any of these characters.
(Especially Slenderman)
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Hello there.

It's funny how after all this time I still don't know your name, but it doesn't even matter anyway as long as I know you. Yeah, I know you seem confused right now, I know you enough to tell this message will give you a reaction like that, but you shouldn't be. Well, at least not for long. You see, I was with you this whole time. I was right next to you for the last few years or. I was watching you sleep, heard you talk with your friends, and I know what you had for lunch any day.

You almost saw me quite a few times. I had to hide from you a lot. You know that time when you felt someone behind you and just as you turn around to look no one was there? Well, there was, you only didn't see me.

As I was watching you, I realized that you are actually a good person and I grew quite fond of you and for the last few days I was trying to find a way to talk to you, but I knew you would be afraid when you hear my voice, just like last time. Instead, I got a better idea.

I saw you using this device quite a lot. And I saw you like to visit websites like this. So I wrote this message to you, hoping you would read it one day. Now that you are reading it, I told you what I wanted to tell you. I think now you are prepared enough to see me. We can finally be friends.

I will show my face to you tonight.
A young man was finishing up his shift at a local bar. He had a long, and rather boring, day and was soon going to go home. The man was standing behind the bar counter, it was completely empty. He sighed, and walked towards the front door. After locking it, he turned back towards the counter. There, sitting on one of the stools, was a young boy. He looked about five years old. The young boy had light brown hair and the brightest blue eyes. A gasp flew out of the man's mouth.
The bar was just empty a second ago
,the man thought. Taking another look at the kid, the man rubbed his eyes, thinking his brain was playing tricks on him. He hadn't had a single drink all day. The man opened his eyes and saw the little boy staring at him.
"Hey kid, where's your mom?" The man asked and took a step towards the boy. The young brown haired boy didn't answer. Yet, his face changed a slight bit. There was something different about it.
"Um, kid?" The man called out again, getting closer and closer to the boy. He still didn't answer, but with each step he took the young boy's face changed more and more. The man was about four feet away from the boy, and he didn't look human. However, he still continued towards the 'boy.'
"Are you alright?" The man called out one last time. Then, he was two feet in front of the child. There was no longer a blue eyed, brown haired, young kid. Right before his very eyes was a demon. His eyes were black and hollow, and his mouth was gaping open with sharp fangs. Their skin tone was now a light gray, and black ooze split from its mouth. The man was now in front of the demon, and right as he was about to scream, the demon was gone and the man passed out.
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