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Women and Money

No description

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Women and Money

World Map of Women on Money
On the $5 bill since 2001
Born in Scotland, Catherine was an author, teacher, journalist, politician and leading suffragist. She was also Australia's first ever female political candidate after standing (unsuccessfully) for the Federal Convention in Adelaide (1897).
Catherine Helen Spence
Edith Cowan
On the $50 bill since 1995
The first woman ever elected to an Australian parliament.
Mary Gilmore
On the $10 bill since 1993
A distinguished poet and the first ever female member of Australian Workers' Union (AWU)
On the $100 bill since 1996
Dame Nellie Melba
World-famous Opera soprano
On the $200 bill since 1994
Mary Reibey
Born in England, Mary was deported to Australia as a convict before becoming a very successful business woman.
A women's rights activist and reformer and the founder of the Victorian Order of Nurses
Henrietta Muir Edwards
On the $50 bill since 2004
The "Famous Five"
Nellie McClung
Feminist, politician, and social activist
A provincial politician and women's rights activist from Alberta.
Louise McKinney
Emily Murphy
A women's rights activist, jurist, and author. She became the first female magistrate in Canada, and in the British Empire in 1916
Irene Parlby
First female Cabinet minister
Agnes of Bohemia
A medieval Bohemian princess who opted for a life of charity, mortification of the flesh, and piety rather than luxury and comfort.
On the 50 czk note from 1993 to 2011
On the 2000 czk note since 1993
Emmy Destinn
Opera Singer
On the 1,000 kr since 2004
Anna Ancher
Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke
Perhaps better known by her pen name Isak Dinesen, her most famous work was "Out of Africa."
On the 50 kr since 2005
Johanne Luise Heiberg
On the 200 kr since 2003
Famous Theatre Actress
Lydia Koidula
On the 100kr bill since 1991
A popular poet
Tamar the Great
Queen of Georgia from 1184 to 1213
On the 50GEL since 1995
Ingibjörg Benediktsdóttir
2nd wife of Gísli Þorláksson
Ragnheiður Jónsdóttir
A developer of embroidery and the 3rd wife of Gísli Þorláksson
On the 5000kr bill since 1986
1st wife of Bishop Gísli Þorláksson
Gróa Þorleifsdóttir
Shin Saimdang
An artist, writer, calligraphist, noted poet. Affectionately known as "Wise Mother."
On the 50,000 krw bill since 2009
On the $200 bill since 1996
A nun, scholar, and poet in what was then "New Spain" she is now considered a Mexican writer.
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
Frida Kalho
On the $500 bill since 1996
The now world-famous artist (following Salma Hayek's big screen portrayal) is featured alongside her former husband Diego Riviera.
On the $10 bill since 1990
Kate Sheppard
The most important suffragette in the first country to have universal suffrage
Author who won the Nobel Prize winner for Literature in 1928
On the 500kr bill since 1999
Sigrid Undset
On the 100 kr bill since 1997
An opera singer sometimes referred to as the "voice of the century.
Kirsten Flagstad
Rose of Lima
Rose was the first person born in the Americas ever to be canonized by the Catholic Church.
On the 200 Nuevo sol bill since 1995
A well-known Filipino suffragette and founder of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines.
Josefa Llanes Escoda
On the 1,000 peso note since 2002
One of the few women to feature on a banknote still living, she was the14th President of the Philippines from 2001 to 2010 and is still a politician today.
On the 200 peso note since 2002
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
Corazon Aquino
The 11th president of the Philippines and first woman to hold the position.
On the 500 peso note since 2010
Nadežda Petrovic
Impressionist Painter
On the 200 dinar since 2006
The first female writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature
Selma Lagerlöf
On the 20kr bill since 1991
On the 50kr bill since 1996
Jenny Lind
Opera singer known as the "Swedish Nightingale".
On the 50 Fr since 1995
Sophie Taeuber-Arp
An artist, painter, sculptor, and dancer.
Fatma Aliye Topuz
On the 50 TL bill since 2009
The first female muslim novelist
Lesya Ukrainka
A poet and writer
On the 200 hryvnia note since 2001
Elsie Inglis
On the £50 since 2009
Doctor and Suffragette
Mary Slessor
On the £10 since 1998
On the £5 since 2002
Elizabeth Fry
Prison and social reformer sometimes known as the "Angel of Prisons."
Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi
The heroine of the Venezuelan War of Independence
On the 20 bolívares note since 2008

Czech Republic
South Korea

A revolutionary Spy
Policarpa Salavarrieta
On the $10,000 note since 1995

New Zealand
United Kingdom


Countries Represented

Representatives by occupation
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