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Adonirian Judson

No description

Gabriel Lai

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Adonirian Judson

Birth and Death Date
Birth: August 9 1788
Death: April 12 1850
Family Life
After graduating from college, Judson opened a school and wrote an English grammar and mathematics textbook for girls.
Being called
When Judson was teaching in his final year he felt like he was called by God. Right after that year he decided to become a missionary.
Life as a missionary
Where did he grow up
Judson was born on August 9, 1788 in Malden, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
Adoniran Judson
At his last year of teaching Judson
decided to be a missionary
Spouses: Ann Hasseltine Judson
Emily Chubbuck
Sarah Hall Boardman
Son: Edward Judson
Judson went to India, Burma to become a missionary
Judson went there and set a goal of translating the Bible and founding a church of 100 members before his death. He was able to surpass his goal before his death.
When his wife died, Judson was really sad, he lost one of his loved ones. I also lost my grandpa, and he was like family to me. Whenever I feel sad he helps me and teaches me. But we should always remember that they are in a better place now. Also, I can learn that dreams do come true. This is because he set a crazy goal of translating 100 bibles! I don't think I will be able to translate 1 bible! He had a goal and he stuck to it. This is something i must remember.
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