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Fireworks by Lowell

No description

katherine burga

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of Fireworks by Lowell

In the poem "fireworks" by Amy Lowell the speaker shares and expresses his or her fury against another person comparing it to burning fireworks
" we too" is used instead of using ' the two of us' or 'us two' making the poem unique and more interesting
I burst apart= break apart
mauve and amethyst= purple
scarlet and crimson =red
render= provide
saffron=orange yellow
asunder= apart divide

The theme is passionate hatred towards two people, their hatred towards eachother sparks like "fireworks" when they argue.
Fireworks by Amy Lowell
Amy Lowell
"You are ice and fire the touch of you burns my hands like snow"
You hate me and I hate you,
And we are so polite, we two!

But whenever I see you, I burst apart
And scatter the sky with my blazing heart.
In spits and sparkles in stars and balls,
Buds into roses— and flares, and falls.

Scarlet buttons, and pale green disks,
Silver spirals and asterisks,
Shoot and tremble in a mist
Peppered with mauve and amethyst.

I shine in the window and light up the trees,
And all because I hate you, if you please.

Golden lozenges and spades,
Arrows of malachites and jades,
Patens of copper, azure sheaves.
As you mount, you flash in the glossy leaves.

Such fireworks as we make, we two!
Because you hate me and I hate you.
And when you meet me, you rend asunder
And go up in a flaming wonder
Of saffron cubes, and crimson moons,
And wheels all amaranths and maroons.

The speaker in the poem is someone who expresses their hatred towards another person
Hateful- "because you hate me and i hate you"
Passionate: ''And scatter the sky with my blazing heart

"silver spirals and asterisks"
Fireworks- represent the speakers anger and fury
" and when you meet me you rend asunder and go up in a flaming wonder"
Personal response
Analyzed by Katherine Burga & Chloe Chavez
Rhyme Scheme
''spites... sparkles...stars''
Malachite alludes to a gemstone in the

''Golden lozenges and spades''
''Arrows of malachites and jades''
''Patterns of copper,azure sheaves''
This poem can be interpreted as two people arguing with eachother but they dont really hate eachother. They are just really passionate about eachother. We see this through the various imageries alluding to fireworks a symbol of passion.
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