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Copy of TOEFL iBT; reading section

No description

Keith Morrison

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Copy of TOEFL iBT; reading section

TOEFL iBT; Reading Section

(3-6 per set)
According to the passage...
According to paragraph 1, why/what/which...
Negative Fact (0-2)
All of the following are mentioned in the passage EXCEPT:

Inference (0-2)
Which of the following can be inferred about ...
In paragraph 3, the author implies...

Vocabulary (3-5)
The word...in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to...
When the author says ... is....she means...
Question types
The author's description of ...mentions which of the following...
According to the passage which of the following is NOT...
Author purpose (0-2)
•In paragraph 5, why does the author discuss...
•The author mentions...as an example of...

Reference questions (0-2)
The word ... in paragraph 3 refers to...
Insert sentence to the reading (0-1)
These questions require that you look for
transitional phrases
other hints
to figure out where the additional sentence belongs.
Simplify the sentence (0-1)
Which of the following best provides the important information in the highlighted sentence from the passage?
Summary (0-1)

An introductory sentence for a summary of the passage is found below.
Complete the summary by choosing the T
HREE answer choices that contain the most important ideas in the passage.
Fill in the chart (0-1)

Complete the table in order to summarize the information about ....
•Match the statements to the ..
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