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Indian Education

ENG 102

Victoria Byrd

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Indian Education

Written by Sherman Alexie
Presented by Victoria Byrd Indian Education Introduction Conclusion Sherman Alexie
Mother and Father
Teachers Characters The major theme that the author wrote about was racism
The author relays this them by showing that it is still seen within Indian Reservations through his school experiences
Many characters played different roles to Alexie each year and all taught him a different lesson as he went on through his schooling In this short story, the author writes a brief description of memorable events that occurred to him while he was in school.
It goes from 1st grade through 12th grade.
In each grade, Alexie writes of the racism that is taking place throughout his schooling
The author grew up on an Indian Reservation so these are his personal experiences.
Takes place in Washington State
The time period is from around the 1980s. Racism
Educational Importance
Diversity Themes Symbols The school is the biggest symbol throughout the short story.
The different importance of having an education compared from the white community to the Indian Reservation.
The HUD house
Powwow Tavern Racism as the Main Issue Alexie consistently writes of the racism that is seen in each level of education that he has gone through
The racism shown is obvious is some years whereas it may be subtle or go unnoticed in others Racism through the Story 1st Grade: Indian names
2nd Grade: Teacher blames heritage for disrespect
3rd Grade: Teacher does not believe that he should have any rights by taking away drawing
4th Grade: Told to be a doctor someday when his dad is an alcoholic this year
5th Grade: Innocent choices the Indian boys were forced to make
6th Grade: You should always throw the first punch while living in the white world Racism Through the Story (Continued) 7th Grade: Indians are accused of rape being a normal thing to do even though it was committed by a white man
8th Grade: Starving as a white girl being a choice and starving as an Indian being normal
9th Grade: Indian kids start drinking early in life
10th Grade: Driving looks like it’s just one more way to die
11th Grade: Newspaper headlines “Indians Lose Again”
12th Grade: Indians don’t have much to look forward to a good future
Postscript: No need for a reunion because they were never given the opportunity to move on to something better Historical/ Cultural References This short story is all about the historical role that Indians have played throughout history.
Racism goes back to Colonial Times, especially toward Indians
Modern generations will be judged based on perceptions of past generations
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