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No description

Jordan Peacock

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Galileo

Galileo. In one word, he could have been described as a genius. In a sentence, he was a mad genius that contributed so much to science. Him as a title, "The Father of Modern Science." He was a creative scientist who loved to learn, and would soak up knowledge like a sponge. He helped contribute to a lot of the information we already have today, and use in our everyday lives. He was an extraordinary man.
Where He lived.
Galileo was born in Florence in 1520. Though he spent most of his time in Florence, he did spend a lot of his education near, or in Pisa.
When He Lived
Galileo lived during a time in which the church, and everyone else, believed that everything in the solar system revolved around the Earth, not the sun.
His favorite subjects when going to college were Math, and Physics. His mind was like a sponge, and he would just soak up all the knowledge he could. He would always try to be positive. For Galileo, when it came to the church, their opinion meant the most to him (hence the "shunning" of the kids).
Scientific Contributions
In July of 1609, Galileo had heard about a spyglass that had been made and had developed one of his own. But that is at the bottom of his discoveries. By using his spyglass he had seen 4 of Jupiter's moon revolving around Jupiter. That is how he refuted, or disproved, that Earth was the center of the universe. He also managed to disprove that objects all fall at the same rate of speed. Both of these theories just so happened to be proposed by Aristotle.
Galileo Galilei (Really?)
Emma's Opinion on Galileo
Jordan's Opinion on Galileo
Scientific Gossip
About His Life
In 1600, Galileo met a venetian women
named Marina Gamba. They had three children together, though they never married. This was probably because of financial reasons and worrying that his illegitimate children would threaten his social standing.
"More than 350 years after the Roman Catholic Church condemned Galileo, Pope John Paul II is poised to rectify one of the Church's most infamous wrongs -- the persecution of the Italian astronomer and physicist for proving the Earth moves around the Sun."
Summary: A famous man, got Galileo kicked out of " Da Club" (if you want to put it in more recent terms), because the head of the "Da Club" didn't like his ideas. If you ask me he was jealous, and Galileo was going to surpass him.
Jordan: "Seriously, dude? You were going against the church. I think your "social standing" was already in ruins."
Jordan Peacock
Emma Barnes
He was *clears throat* DA MAN!!!!! I think there's a reason he's called "The Father Of Modern Science."
Fun Fact: His mother's first name is Giulia.
Jordan: "This must be a fun family."
February 15, 1564-January 8, 1642
Jordan: "So Galileo was being a rebellious science geek? That's amazing."
Others before him had asked why heavy bodies fall; now, the homogeneity of the earth with the heavenly bodies having suggested that terrestrial motion is a proper subject for exact mathematical study, we have the further question raised: how do they fall? with the expectation that the answer will be given in mathematical terms.
"The Bible shows the way to go to heaven, not the way the heavens go."—Galileo
Summary: He had a hypothesis, and a statement, and that one hypothesis and statement would literally change everything they thought they knew. So once he figured out the answer to his first question and hypothesis, he found another question to ask, and reworded it. Plus he uses a lot fo big words, so you know he's smart.
(You will also see my opinions of him all over the place in quotation marks. Possibly on McKenna's presentation too.)
Jordan: "I have no idea how you even casually use these words in a conversation. I mean seriously? Homogeneity?"
Astronomer, Physicist, Mathematician and Philosopher.
Jordan: "Coincidence? I think not..."
Jordan: Emma, why are our opinions in the corner away from everything else?
Jordan: "Nice eyebrows, dude."
Emma: Because our opinions don't matter.
Jordan: Oh...
Where the senses fails us,
reason must step in
. -Galileo Galilei
Books: Galileo By Rodin S. Doak
Galileo By Mitch Strokes
Galileo for Kids By Richard Panchyk-Buzz Aldrin
(His beard is so fabulous, I have a strange urge to want to brush it)
Jordan: " There's Emma!"
(Drops microphone and backs away slowly....)
Boom! That quote was so life changing!
(Galileo didn't get out much...so to speak)
(He was the cool nerd of scientific society, before Einstein that is.)
(4 moons! Wow! that's three more then what we have!)
(*cough* *cough* Kiss up *cough* *cough*)
Eye brows on fleek

There was a YouTube video url, but unfortunately it kept morphing into something annoying and less fabulous
Jordan: "AKA, it kept turning into the actual video."
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