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Image of nursing & Nursing professionalism

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Linnea Chao

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Image of nursing & Nursing professionalism

The "Ideal Image"
committed to attaining higher standards of healthcare
Since being in the program, has your image of the nurse changed and if so, in what ways?
Image of Nursing & nursing Professionalism
Evolution of Nursing as a profession?...how did it all start
Has your image of the nurse changed since being in the program and if so, in what ways?

Has the public portrayal of nursing and its stereotypes contributed to the nursing profession being regarded as inferior to other healthcare professions?

What strategies can nurses utilize to create a more positive image surrounding the profession? Do you think this responsibility falls only on the part of the nurse?

Characteristics of a Profession
Nursing Portrayed in the Media
History of the image of Nursing
Redefining the nursing image...
Public Opinion
"Angel of Mercy"
"THe heroine"
"The Mother"
"THe Sex Object"
"Girl Friday (Handmaiden)"
...but how?
in nursing school: educate students that the nursing profession consists of its own body of knowledge & research
media-watch: monitor how nurses are being portrayed in the media and advocate for change and realistic portrayals
portray the nursing profession as an independent that has its own role within interdisciplinary practice
intellectual body, carrying responsibility
based off a body of knowledge but learned in nature
its technique can be taught (education)
internally well-organized
altruism is a core motivation
nurses settle in New France (Quebec)
as a part of their Christian Duty
By 1922, legislation for the nursing practice Occurred in all provinces
1950, Code of ethics est.
Newfoundland, 1953 The title of registered nurse Occurred
19th century the order of the sisters charity of montreal (Grey Nuns) travelled across canada & other countries to provide care
Nursing education began in canada after worldwide recognition of florence nightingale in 1874
1918 Courses in nursing first offered at university of alberta, then a degree was offered at ubc
1959, Masters degree offered at university of western ontario, start of nursing research development
1991, First doctoral program at UofA
2000 Entry-to-practice standards was created by CNA
Using the required readings to help you, answer
& discuss the following:
Has the public portrayal of nursing and its stereotypes contributed to the nursing profession being regarded as inferior to other health care professions?
Current Research To Understanding & Promoting a Professional Nursing Image
SIT Theory: Social Identity Theory
3 domains
Social identities consisting of:
1.1 Social Identity Salience
1.2 Nested Identities
1.3 Cross-Cutting Identities

Group Performance
2.1 Motivation
2.2 Group Performance goals & norms

How do you think this relates to nursing? Is it an effective approach?

Fletcher, K. (2007). Image: changing how women nurses think about
themselves. Literature review. Journal Of Advanced Nursing, 58(3), 207-215. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2648.2007.04285.

Hoeve, Y., Jansen, G., & Roodbol, P. (2014). The nursing profession: public
image, self-concept and professional identity. A discussion paper. Journal Of Advanced Nursing, 70(2), 295-309. doi:10.1111/jan.12177

Ross-Kerr, J.C., Wood, M.J. (2011). Canadian Nursing: Issues & Perspectives.
(5th ed.). Toronto, ON: Elsevier Mosby.

Willetts, G., & Clarke, D. (2014). Constructing nurses' professional identity
through social identity theory. International Journal Of Nursing Practice, 20(2), 164-169. doi:10.1111/ijn.12108
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