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Pesta Reuni Akbar SMAN 45-22 Juni 2013

Time runs fast......be prepared!

iwan permadi

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Pesta Reuni Akbar SMAN 45-22 Juni 2013

Let's join us 3 more months! Every alumni
is welcomed! Kontribusi Peserta
Reuni Akbar
SMAN 45 - Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara
Alumni (1981-presents) 22 Juni 2013 Be there &
Be the witness! can't hardly wait! Proposal to
All Alumni Friendship
is above
everything... Temu Kangen


Sumbangsih kepada almamater Kegiatan

1.Donor Darah (30 Maret 2013)
(Ruangan PMR-SMAN 45-Kelapa Gading)

2.Fun Fair (21 April 2013)
(Lapangan SMAN 45-Kelapa Gading)

3.Pesta Reuni Akbar (22 Juni 2013)
(Hotel Mercure-Ancol-Jakut) Rp.100.000 (seratus ribu rupiah) per orang

Sudah mendapatkan
Bag, T-shirt & Sticker Kontribusi disetor langsung ke Bendahara Umum Panitia Kerja: Ester Carolina Hutapea
atau lewat rekening bank
(i)BCA Mal Kelapa Gading III-Heru Susanto
(ii)Mandiri Cab.Mal Kelapa Gading-Heru Susanto/Ester Carolina
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