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Costa Croisière : What are the strategies to recover from th

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on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Costa Croisière : What are the strategies to recover from th

Costa Croisière :
What are the strategies to recover from the tragedy ?
DARDEAU Elizabeth
BADAOUI Chrystelle
Strategic Management - 8th October 2013
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
I - Presentation of the company

II - Analysis of the situation
A- What happened ?
B- Situation for the company
III - Solutions

I - Presentation of the company
Costa Cruise S.p.A. is a British-American owned Italian cruise line founded in 1854 and based in Genoa, Italy.
The company is part of the Carnival Corporation & plc.
Today the company has executive control of the group activities in Europe.
The Costa Cruises brand currently operates 14 cruise ships in all Europe.
19.000 employees: 18 000 navigators & 1 000 ground staff.
Turnover in 2011 : 3,1 billion of euros
II - Analysis of the situation
III - Solutions
Despite the tragedy :

Our company didn't stop growing
These several management solutions will allow us to strive towards our goals
Satisfy all the customers and to continue to be the leader in this huge market.
Thank you for your attention !
B - Situation for Costa Croisière
The last couple of years the cruising market was growing 10% per year in Europe with more than 400.000 passengers each year.
Costa Cruises’ number of passengers grew by 30% in 2011.
Despite this growth, the disaster of the Costa Concordia has affected the market, especially the Costa Cruises’.
A - What happened ?
On January 13 2012, the Costa Concordia cruise ship hit a rock off Isola del Giglio, an Italian Island.
Water began to enter into the ship, engine rooms are flooded and power is lost.
Most passengers escaped in lifeboats but 32 people died in this disaster.
January is the beginning of the wave season when cruise lines book a third to half of their reservations for the entire year.
Analysts said they have seen indications of a 6 % to 10 % decline in cruise bookings after the tragedy.
Extension to the Far East
Costa Croisière decided to go abroad with specific offer in Asia :
New concept : increase of 90 % of cruises
Already in Asia despite 2006 > First international company to do an wolrdwide cruise
Boats of 5 000 people
Adaptation on the Chinese habits

Customizing relative to customers
Adaptation to the nationality of the passager
Personalization of the food
National celebrations
Adapt the strategy so that the passager will feel important
Make the customer feel like he's at home
Keep faith in your brand
Even the tragedy, Costa Croisière continue to promote its brand like nothing happened before :

Stickers "I Love Costa"
Store of Costa Croisière items
Perfect services provided
Special offer and fidelization card
30 % of the passagers in a cruise had already done a Costa Croisière cruise
Satisfaction survey : personnalization and a draw to win a travel if you answer to it

Price and communication strategy
To face the tragedy, Costa Croisière adapted its price and communication strategy :

Communication costs : increase of 25 % in 2014
Discount on the offer and special price :
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