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Cuban Revolution of 1895

No description

Helen Zoss

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Cuban Revolution of 1895

Cuban Revolution of 1895
Helen Zoss and Hailey Kuntz
What was the Cuban Revolution of 1895?
Who was involved?
Started getting involved because they didn't like the way the Spanish were handling things.
Led to the Spanish-American War when the USS Maine was blown up by the "Spanish."
Eventually the U.S. gained control of Cuba.
How was America involved?
American gained Cuba, as well as Puerto Rico and others countries, expanding our reach and pushing us forward.
This also gave America access to the commerce and trade that those areas offer.
How does the Cuban Revolution relate to this time period of change, progression, and reform in American History?
Personal Opinions
It was the 3rd of three revolt attempts from Spain.
Cuban people were put into concentration camps as their land was destroyed by the Spanish.
America stepped in to "help" the Cubans.
Cuba ended up going from under Spain's control to under America's control.
José Martí was the main Cuban rebel leader. He wanted to gain independence quickly to avoid U.S. involvement. He ended up dying a martyr.
Cuba (fought for freedom from Spain)
Spain (had control of Cuba)
America (stepped in to end Spanish rule)
America wasn't very nice.
We were pretty mean and selfish in that we helped Cuba escape Spanish rule, only to stay there ourselves and dominate the area.
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