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Untitled Prezi

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Sarah Hannah

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Austin & Ally Austin Moon. Auslly is the #1 Ship on The Successful
TV Show; They are known to have
Chemistry both on camera and off
camera as the true, real life ship-
Raura- And the on-screen Ship-
Auslly. Austin & Ally= Auslly
Trish & Dez= Trez. With this Talent and that beautiful charisma,
You've got yourself a very amazing guy in your
sight. Anyone alive could see that he was born to
be a rising star that's already risen half-way!
So when he uploads a video singing a song written
by a girl working at a Music store, he gets up to a
BILLION HITS!! And it's not very surprising
when u meet Austin Moon! But did he
ask for the song? Or steal it?. . .
. . . Ally Shy, and very insecure about her music, Allyson
"Ally" Dawson learns that life is all about going
for what you want, and breaking down the walls.
When she meets Austin Moon, a scrawny teenage
boy who's all about music, she doesn't take much
of a liking towards him... Why? He stole Double
Take, her sad slow song he turned to a fast
Happy song! But will she just forget the past
give him a chance? He might be
That special someone after all. Trish. Ah, Trish... What are we gonna do with you, huh? Trish
De La Rosa had never kept a job for more than 2 days, sometimes even less than 2 days; Heck, even less than an
hour sometimes!! But that's what makes her a fun person,
always talking about how harsh her working hours are
and how she can't even nap or video-chat during her
shifts.... Well, now she's the manager of the internet
sensation! So will her wacky job heir run on? Of
course! No need to be dramatic, willy nilly!
She and Ally r BFF's, but what
about her & Dezzy-chicks? ;) Dez This wacky-dream-world-boy always seems to act like
a crazy child rather than a stable teen. But his friends
seem to like him for who he is and that's why their used to his wacky gemicks!! Of course he would think 'gemicks'
is a word but it's not if you spell it that way... Hm? Dez?
He and Austin are best friends and have been since birth,
so Austin isn't fazed by Dez' little tricks and weird illusions. Dez is also a video director and directs Austin's video's... So, their a team! But was stealing Ally's song the right choice? Or should they have thought about it?
Although he can be crazy, he can also be smart at times and gives Ally, Trish and Austin advice when they need it. Now that they're all friends.... Is it all good? Hm... Nope! Trauzlly All of their name's combined!! Adorbs!!
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