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ENG1D7: Compare&Contrast

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vivian wu

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of ENG1D7: Compare&Contrast

The Hobbit & The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
The theme of the Hobbit talks about self discovery. Bilbo, when he first set out on his adventure, had hidden inner strength he didn't even know about. As the quest goes on, he finds out about himself, and what he is capable of doing, and emerges a stonger hobbit, who is now sure of himself. The change begins when he kills the giant spiders in the forest, and names his sword Stinger. He begins to discover that he can fend for himself, and rescues the dwarfs multiple times after that. This continues to progress until the very end, when the battle of the five armies began. Bilbo was sure of himself when he stole the arkenstone, even though he knew that Throin wasn't going to be happy about it.
Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit, a mythical creature.
He is very hesitant to go on an adventure and doesn't like stepping out of his comfort zone.
During the quest, Bilbo discovers that he is capable of much more than he ever thought of.
When facing difficulties, he is always afraid and wants to go back home.
Bilbo is very clever. He proves that he can pass the riddle exchange with Gollum.
Bilbo showed mercy. When he had the ability to kill Gollum, he didn't.
He is very brave, and saves the dwarfs many times.
Bilbo is a great leader. He leads the dwarfs when Gandalf leaves.
A peace lover, choosing passive actions and intelligent ones over aggressive ones.
Thinks for the good of everyone, very polite and good humored.
The 11 year-old daughter of an important family: the de Luces.
has a strong interest in chemistry, especially passionate about poison
often bullied by her older sisters, but their relationship is worse than regular sibling teasing
has peculiar thought process, approaches situations differently than most people
intelligent with amazing reasoning, and also very intuitive, demonstrates mature characteristics
Jealous of her older sister Ophelia because she still has memories of their late mother
lead a normal life, but often yearns for adventure ("
I wish I could say I was afraid, but I wasn't. Quite on the contrary. This was by far the most interesting thing that had ever happened to me in my entire life.
" -Flavia, after discovering the corpse of H. Bonepenny)
she is not a proud person
The theme of Sweetness and the Bottom of the Pie is youthful idealism. It talks about how far it can take a young child without a bias standard on their potential. The author of the story often discribes a feeling of being unstoppable when he was a child. He tells us that anything is achievable as long as you have a burning enthusiasm, no matter how young you are. He incorporated this idea into his novel as the main theme as a message to readers. Flavia proves to us many times over as well, with her knowledge about chemistry, she solved the entire murder mystery by herself, even before the police could grasp what was happening. She thought reasonably when she was kidnapped, and got herself out of trouble many times.
The Hobbit
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
Similarities of Sweetness and Hobbit
Both of the journeys were not self beneficial:
Flavia went for her father
Bilbo went to help the dwarfs
The main Characters:
Brave, they face many challenges, yet they don't back down, instead face it head on
intelligent and intuitive, can get themselves out of many messes. Flavia solved the mystery by herself, while Bilbo was smart enough to use the arkenstone as a bargining piece to ally the dwarfs with the men and elves
in the beginning, the tone is light, but soon after that, it becomes forbidding. This is when she discovered the dead body.
a feeling of impending menace sets in when she rides across the town trying to find clues to prove her father innocent
It becomes tense and exciting as she talks to the person she suspects is murder.
at the end, it is light hearted and wistful, as her father has to give the stamps back to the king.
In the beginning, it was a light and cheerful atmosphere, when Bilbo was in his hobbit hole.
It turns intense and forbiding as they set of on their journey. In the many scenes where they are in trouble, the atmosphere turns into suspense. It is often anxious as well, especially at the very end when then five clans came together to fight each other.
Both journeys had help from others:
Bilbo and the dwarfs had help from the humans, the elves, the eagles, and Gandalf
Flavia had help from her father, Dogger, the librarian and the police
similar tones are: suspenseful, funny, forebiding, excited
Flavia's journey isn't one that most 11 year-old girls
find themselves experiencing.
It starts with her being bullied by her oldest sister, but she was quick to escape. Right away, she demonstrates examples of her talent and quick wit, but it isn't until later that her journey really starts.
One night, she overhears her father arguing with a stranger, and right after she finds his dead body in their garden. This whisks her on an adventure all over Bishop's Lacey, discovering clues and uncovering the truth behind the murder. She exposes all of the bitter childhood past of the victim and her father, and she realizes that the murder is a lot more sinister that she had thought. At the peak, she is kidnapped by the killer, but ultimately escapes with the help of Dogger, and her adventure concludes as her father is let out of jail, and the last remaining stamp sent the the king.
An important part of her journey was self-discovery, and her growth throughout the novel. The sibling rift is mended, and she realizes that she
belong in her family.
Both took place in nonexistent places
Flavia lives in a crumbling mansion of Buckshaw with her father and two older sisters, along with their faithful butler, Dogger.
That night, she discovers a near dead man in her garden, who said his last words "Vale" to her before dying.
She goes to the inn where the dead man stayed, and finds a cracked open pie that she suspected contained the dead bird as well as befriending a girl named Mary. After going through his luggage, Flavia learns that his name is Horace Bonepenny, and that he possesses the Ulster Avenger, the only two orange Penny Blacks in the world.
Their cook finds a package on their door step, it contained a dead jack snipe with a stamp on it's beak. Her father had an extreme reaction when seeing the bird, but he refused to talk about the bird. That night, Flavia overheard a stranger talking with her father, but was sent back upstairs by Dogger, their bulter/gardener.
The police tells her that the stranger came from Norway. Regardless of the police's warnings and angered that they treated her as a child, she sets off to investigate by herself. She rides her bike to the library, and reads through the newspapers, finding an interesting article about the death of Mr. Grenville Twinning. She discovers that her father, and this entire situation is related to this death.
As she rode her bike back home, she meets Frank Pemberton, who tells her that he is an American writer. When she gets home she discovers that her father was arrested and taken to the police station.
Flavia rides to the police station to see her father, and tells the police it was her who had killed Horace Bonepenny. The police didn't believe her, but granted her a visit with her father. There, he tells her of the entire tale about the Ulster Avengers.
Her father tells her that Horace Bonepenny and him were friends back when they were in school, until Bonepenny became friends with Bob Stanley. Horace Bonepenny and Bob Stanley stole one of the stamps from Dr. Kissing. It was that incident that led to Mr. Twinning's supposedly 'suicide', because it was him that asked Dr. Kissing if the students could see the stamp. A few years later, they also stole the King's own copy of the Ulster Avenger.
Bilbo Baggins lives a quiet, peaceful life in his comfortable hobbit-hole at Bag End.
One day, Gandalf the wizard offers him to join an adventure. Along with 13 other dwarfs, they would go on a quest to the Lonely Mountain to raid the treasure hoard from Smaug the dragon and take back the land of the dwarfs. Before the quest, Gandalf unveils to the group a map showing a secret door into the Mountain.

Flavia then left her father and went to the clock tower where Mr. Twinning jumped off, and found an old cap and gown that Mr. Twinning was supposed to be wearing when he jumped off. She then set off to visit Dr. Kissing, who told her the rest of the story. Flavia gave him the stamp that was stolen by Bonepenny, and Dr. Kissing burned it. Now there was only one Orange Penny stamp left. After hearing what Dr. Kissing said, she pieced together the information, and realized that Bob Stanley was the one who killed Bonepenny.
Shortly after their departure from Hobbiton, Bilbo and the dwarfs are captured by trolls. Gandalf who was the only one that wasn't caught, tricked the trolls into remaining outside until the sun came up, which turned them to stone. After escaping from the trolls, Gandalf leads the group to Rivendell.
She figured out that Bob Stanley had injected
Horace with Carbon Tetrachloride. Unfortunately, Bob Stanley also knew that Flavia knew what had happened, and kidnapped her. He shut her in the pit shed under the library and threatened her with death if she didn't tell him where the remaining stamp was. Flavia tricked him, she told him that the stamp was in her house.
When Bob went to the house, he found
out that the stamp wasn't there. He came back
enraged, and almost injected her with the poison,
but Dogger saved her just in time. When they came out of the Pit Shed, Dogger told her how he found Bob sneaking around the house, and was suspicious, so he followed him here.
The police arrested Bob Stanley, and her father was let out of jail. At the end, she sent the remaining stamp back to King George, and receives a mysterious letter from him in reply.
The climax in The Hobbit was when the five clans came together in a battle, with the humans, dwarf and elves on one side, against warges and the goblins. This scene was was the climax because the journey came to an end at this very moment. During this time, important people were killed, like Thorin, Kili and Fili. Also, many characters introduced in this book gathered at this scene. It shows that the battle was the grand finale of the book, where the accumulative enemies throughout the journey battled.
Ophelia & Daphne de Luce (Flavia's 2 older sisters)
haughty and proud
look down on Flavia, often thinking she is strange
enjoys reading and playing the piano
Ophelia is 17 and Daphne is 13
still have memories of their mother before she died.
Laurence "Jacko" de Luce
father of Flavia
still mourns for his wife Harriet
closed in
serious and aloof
does not like to talk to others
collector of stamps
family butler, gardener and loyal servant
served in war, was traumatized and tortured, sometimes goes into fits
suffers memory loss and hallucinations due to post traumatic stress disorder
friendly with Flavia
At the elfish stronghold at Rivendell the great elf lord Elrond reveals to the group more secrets about the map. After resting a few days at Rivendell, the company sets out for the Misty Mountains. While they take shelter in a cave, a group of goblins who live in the caverns beneath the mountains take them as prisoners.
self discovery was made:
Flavia discovered a closer bond with both her father and the community. She found out that she can accomplish many things, and is special.
Bilbo discovered another part of himself, that he was brave and strong.
Shortly after being captured, Gandalf rescues them from the goblins and leads them to a passage out of the mountain, accidentally leaving Bilbo behind. While wandering alone through the mountain, Bilbo finds a ring. Later he finds out that it's a magic ring that can make the wearer invisible. He uses it to escape from Gollum and the goblins.
Similar Theme:
The similar theme was self discovery. Both characters found out the many things they can do without the standards placed on them by the people around.
Bilbo was judged by the Hobbits in the community, they all think of him as a peace loving person, and detest the adventure lover in him
Flavia was though of only as an 11 year old girl, and that she was too young to do anything.
The climax of the story was when Flavia was kidnapped by Bob Stanley. During this moment, she discovered who the killer was, but the killer also knew that Flavia knew it was him. Bob Stanley bounded her and threw her in a underground Pit under the library while Bob searched her house for the last Ulster Avenger to no avail. Furious, he went back to where he hid Flavia and tried to poison her the same way he killed Horace Bonepenny. Flavia had no way of getting out, and she was almost killed until Dogger saved her in a nick of time. This scene was the scene right before the story concluded. It was the most action filled scene of the entire book.
After Bilbo escapes from the mountain, he rejoins with Gandalf and the dwarfs. When the goblins realized that Bilbo and his comrades had escaped, they teamed up with Wargs to pursue them. Luckily for Bilbo and the dwarfs, a group of eagles came and saved them. They are brought to the house of Beorn, a creature who can change shape from a man into a bear.
The company enters the dark forest Mirkwood without Gandalf, who had some other urgent business to attend to. Once in the forest, Bilbo and the dwarfs walk along the path for days in darkness, until they got caught by the giant spiders. Bilbo who had his magic ring, did not get caught and used the ring to save the dwarfs. Shortly after escaping the spiders, the unlucky dwarfs are captured by a group of wood elves who live near the river that runs through Mirkwood. Once again, Bilbo uses his ring to help the company escape. He slips the dwarfs away from the elves by hiding them inside barrels, which he then floats down the river. The company arrives at Lake Town, a human settlement near the Lonely Mountain, where the dragon sleeps with treasure.
Bilbo and the dwarfs then travel to the Lonely Mountain. Sneaking into the mountain, Bilbo steals a golden cup and learns that Smaug's armor like scales have a weak spot near his heart. The enraged dragon, deducing that Lake Town must have aided the intruder, sets out to destroy the town. While Bilbo was telling the dwarfs about the dragon's weakness, a nearby thrush heard their conversation and reports it to the Lake Town defender, Bard. Knowing the dragon's weakness now, Bard shoots his last arrow straight for Smaug's heart.
Later the thrush comes back and reports to Bilbo and the dwarfs that Smaug was dead. With Smaug gone, the dwarfs take over the mountain.
Just then the humans from Lake Town and the Elves march to the Lonely Mountain to seek a share of the gold as compensation for their losses and aid, but Thorin refuses them, selfishly hoarding all the jewels. The humans and the Elves then traps the dwarfs inside the Mountain. Bilbo knew that they needed to form an alliance with both races in order to keep peace between them. Bilbo decided to sneak out to the humans, when Thorin discovers what the hobbit has done, he was enraged. Gandalf appeared just in time to save the hobbit from the dwarf lords wrath. Just then, the Wargs and Goblins are sighted marching up the mountain, the three races are forced to band together to fight against the other army. They are almost defeated by the goblins and Wargs, until the eagles of the Misty Mountains and Beorn join the battle. The battle ended in victory for the humans, elves and dwarfs. Thorin, injured during the battle, dies, but before that, he befriends Bilbo once again.
Bilbo and Gandalf travel back to Hobbiton, to discover that his house and things were being auctioned away. He manages to get them back, but loses the respect of the hobbits in the area. His journey is done, and though he enjoys a good adventure now, he was happy to be back home.
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