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False Hope and Flawed Sainthood in Don Quixote: Al-Khidr, Al-

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Nasser Meerkhan

on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of False Hope and Flawed Sainthood in Don Quixote: Al-Khidr, Al-

False Hope and Flawed Sainthood in Don Quixote:
Al-Khidr, Al-Mahdi and The Knight of the Green Coat."

God's grace in humanity: knowledge after ignorance

religiously-ambivalent fiugre

In the beginning was
the word: Read

Legendary aspects that share
a notion of "wisdom"

In Spain his figure merges with Al-Mahdi
Al-Khidr becomes legendary
Religiously-ambivalent character
Polemic figure
Wise travel companion
Important in culture of moriscos s. XVI
Open to local interpretations
So...Why would Cervantes be interested?
What is cervantine about this specific "saint"?
In the name of Parody
Oh fortune, like the moon, your state is

Hypothesis: The Green Knight is a failed nobleman, but also a false Muslim "saint"

Fig. 1. Muslim sage Al-Khiḍr as shown in a
Mughal era manuscript miniature.
Mid 17th century, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, inventory number IS.48:12/A-1956.
Source: http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O85611/painting-unknown/

Who is Al-Mahdi?
"a figure many Muslims believe will appear at the end of time to restore righteousness briefly - over the span of a few years - before the end of the world, The Day of Judgement" (Glassé, 280)
Detail from Cármina Burana (c. XI-XIII)
How could Cervantes
know about him?
Five years in Algeria

Clear interest in morisco culture
Final thoughts
Flexible identity that will depend
on the expectations of the reader
in Cervantes’ time

Failed religious ideal, represented by
Don Diego, facing a dying moral ideal,
represented by Don Quixote

Image without substance
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