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The Life of Pi Novel to Film Comparison

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madelyn mccabe

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of The Life of Pi Novel to Film Comparison

The Life of Pi Novel to Film Comparison
The Life of Pi
Yann Martel’s,
Life of Pi,
is the story about Pi's journey stranded on a life boat with only himself as a young man, and a Bengal tiger. Self referred to as, "A story that will make you believe in God". Pi's interesting and beautiful life story was thought to be virtually unfilmable by fans before director Ang Lee took up the challenge. The reason that Lees version works so well is because we are able to hear the story told by an older, wiser version of the young religious believer, who plays a smaller role in the books, talking to an aspiring writer telling him of his adventure across the ocean. Although the film was a visual masterpiece, it is not a truthful adaptation of the novel for there is many large differences seen throughout the entire film.
Pi's Relationship with his Mother and Introduction to Religion
Religion is a huge theme seen throughout the entire novel.

In the movie adaptation, Pi is first introduced to religion by his mother who is made to look extremely more religious in the film than in the novel.
Pis Love Interest
In both the book and the movie Pi is devastated to find out that his family is moving away from their home country, India to live in Canada.
Rated PG
The majority of the book is set on a small lifeboat with four wild animals, one being a Bengal tiger, and a small skinny boy from India. In the book there are some very disturbing scenes of violence, but none the less nature. I was surprised to find that the movie was only PG after reading the extremely graphic novel. Although after watching the movie it is clear the director tried to spare the audience of to much goriness.
- "Part one" in the book is shortened in the movie.
-Most of his childhood stories about living in a zoo and also discovering his religion were either cut entirely or shortened

-Many small differences made by the director
- In the movie character, Satish Kumar was replaced by Pi's father
In the Book
In the book Pi is sad about leaving his life living on the zoo, leaving his home and leaving everything about where it is, and what he loved about where he grew up.
In the Movie
In the movie, the director made Pi old enough to have a love interest.

The director added a whole new character played by Shravanthi Sainath, who never once appears in the book.

Eventually they form a relationship making Pi's move to Canada more difficult and dramatic.
The Shortening of Part One
The reason the director did this could be to make the relationship between Pi and his mother more intense and therefore adding more dramatic effect after the death of his mother occurs.
Another example is when Pi's teacher, Mr. Kumar had polio when he was a child. He said it was western medicine that saved him. Where was God? He wasn't there to save him. Again in the film verision, the director simply made the father have Polio instead of introducing this character and his story, making the relationship with Pi and the father closer.
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