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senior project

fashion merchandising

Anna Lemley

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of senior project

Fashion Merchandising Anna Lemley what is fashion merchandising? the big picture can i be successful in this career? later on in life... thank you for your attention YES This career will teach me to work for what i want and that anything is possible if you give it you best effort. Are there any questions? work conditions A fashion merchandiser will most likely live in a fast paced city. benefits seasonal gratis salary dedication striving for success What girl would not want to make a living with a career in the fashion industry? education and preparation internship having what it takes fashion sense Fashion merchandising is where fashion and business meet. Every store or company needs that one person behind the scenes making sure their designs look and sell at their full potential. Every child dreams of what they will be when they grow up. Maybe a doctor, a cop, or a teacher, but my dream is much more rare. business expertise forecasting ability analytical ability communication skills fashion merchandising degree bachelor of fine arts creating contacts after landing a job... Many factors are important to determine the salary of a fashion merchandiser. job location experience salary benefits work conditions Because the fashion industry is spread all over the world, there is a good chance of travel. Fashion merchandising requires passion and ability in order to make deadlines and successfully finish assignments. awareness and opportunity to take part in sample sales being on the cutting edge of fashion trends deep discounts first hand knowledge of upcoming trends advancement opportunities Promotions in this career come from hard work and being good at the tasks given. dedication is key -start from the bottom with a desire to be on top- Although it may be difficult in the beginning, i know that my dedication, desire, and strong work ethic will take me to the top.
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