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Rock Cycle

No description

Mina Jung

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Rock Cycle

by Mina & Zehra The Rock Cycle There are main types of rocks: Most rocks begin as Igneous rocks. When magma cools and solidifies, it results in the formation of Igneous rocks. As the rock is exposed to the surface, it experiences harsh weather conditions and eventually, it breaks down into smaller pieces. Sedimentary: Igneous: Metamorphic: Metamorphic, Sedimentary and Igneous rocks are formed through different processes that all relate to one another. Each of these types of rock are formed and recycled through a process called the... THE ROCK CYCLE Over-time, strong winds and water move the broken down pieces of igneous rock and transports them into piles known as sediment beds. The piles of sediment beds undergo extreme amounts of pressure and form sedimentary rock. Igneous and sedimentary rock can both become metamorphic rock through physical and chemical changes under increased amounts of pressure and temperature. When metamorphic rock is forced deeper into the Earth, the rock undergoes extremely hot temperatures. A a result, the rock melts and become magma. If the magma cools and hardens it will form into igneous rock again, thus the start of the cycle again! MOVE THOSE
ROCKS!! sedimentary igneous FORCE FORCE metamorphic 3
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