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Understand how passenger transport provision affects the popularity and appeal of UK tourist destinations

Passenger Transport networks and travel and tourism

David Brice

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Understand how passenger transport provision affects the popularity and appeal of UK tourist destinations

How transport affects appeal of destinations
Recognise this place ?
How can you get to Blackpool?
Question - What makes a tourist destination popular ?

Think transport !
cost, frequency and the levels
of service offered.

Let's look at these in more detail ....
.. Can anyone explain why this affects the popularity of a destination?
If it's cheap to get to more people go. If it's expensive to get to less people go
Have a guess on how much it costs to travel by train from Leeds to Blackpool
£12.40 (one way) on the trainline.com

Is that affordable? Would you pay that to go?
Frequency !

What does this mean in terms of transport?
The number of times a form of transport goes to that destination.

Trains from Leeds to Blackpool run every hour
Levels of Service
- Activity

In pairs discuss the facilities that you will find on trains and at stations. Make a list and then feedback this information to your tutor.
So....we can see that places like Blackpool have good transport links but resorts in remote areas, that have poor road and rail access, will struggle to attract the levels of tourist trade necessary to develop a full range of tourist facilities and amenities.
So, we can see that all tourists look for passenger transport services that are frequent, convenient, fast, reliable, safe and offer good value for money

What's a "Distribution Channel" ?
A distribution channel is how goods and services reach the consumer from the producer.

As far as passenger transport operators are concerned it's how they make their tickets available for sale.

Question - Think of ways this could be
online booking on the internet
booking offices at stations and terminals
Travel agents and other retailers
Here is an important fact about the price of tickets.

Companies tend to charge the highest prices when demand is at its greatest and offer reduced rates for off-peak travel.

Any ideas why ?
Law of supply and demand.

Is the relationship between demand, supply, and prices: as demand increases the price goes up.
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