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No description

Kate Figgins

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of THESIS

There's a Gold Lining Too
The Game is First
Respect the Fruit A Student Portfolio by Kate Figgins Rationale Tempe Coffee Shop Industry
Company Structure
Comparative Advantages
Consumer Psychographics Gold Bar Espresso Creative Brief "active"Tempe residents

print, radio, and interactive media

Community “extras” that cater to customers' artistic interests

honest, funny, and not mainstream

GoldBar caters in Tempe
Target Audience Intended Media Main Benefits Feels of Ads The One Idea [sounds of keyboard clicking in the background]

Kevin: Why can’t blogging be an art form too, huh? A lot are. You just have to take the time to study them.

Narrator: That’s Kevin. Local Tempe resident, communicator, and (as of about five seconds ago) artist.

Kevin:I’m going to write a book next. Maybe. A compilation of influential blogs and my opinions of them. Something to showcase the medium. You literally just inspired me to do this haha.

[Kevin’s laughter continues for a bit and then fades into the background. The audience is made to feel as if this conversation is taking place directly in front of them.]

Narrator: And soon to be author.

Kevin: I’ll be exhibiting excerpts from my blog alongside other media I enjoy all this month. Haha, “exhibiting,” as in “enjoying my regular coffee but with friends that are forced to be there looking at my stuff.” May’s sure to be a good month.

Narrator: Tempe is full of hidden treasures like Kevin. And as long-time fans of treasure hunting, we don’t see why we wouldn’t share the wealth with our neighbors.

The silver lining to Tempe being a still-untarnished city? Artists like Kevin Brown.

The gold lining? Getting to be his big break.

Your #1 Local Supporter: Gold Bar Espresso. Located on the northeast corner of Southern Avenue and McClintock Drive, open 5 am-11pm.
Radio 1 : Blogger Radio 2 : Student Tessa: What? Libraries aren’t cool? Hahaha

Narrator: Meet Tessa. Intelligent, composed, and sincere. Oh, and living with the world at her feet.

Tessa: Studying is just practice for the real world….Ew. The real world..Haha. Might as well get it done in an interesting place, right?

Narrator: From the looks of things, this girl’s going to have no problem with the real world.

Tessa:I’ve brought all my friends here over the years. They’re fun and local, but they don’t shove it down your throat, you know? I can actually hit the books and not feel like a complete nerd… You have to be able to rely on places like this sometimes – it’s my library away from library – and that’s a really personal thing for a girl hahaha

Narrator: If there’s a silver lining to the jam-packed life of a competitive college student, its that you eventually learn to love your work. If there’s a gold lining, it’s that others love the sight of you loving your work.

Gold Bar Espresso – supporters of Tempe’s artists, thinkers, and future masters-of-the-universe.

Located on the northeast corner of Southern Avenue and McClintock Drive, open 5 am-11pm.
Jenna: Goodness, yes, I could have left years ago. Maybe should have. But it just wouldn’t have been the same. The problem is, when you find a place like Tempe, you just get hooked. It’s hard to detach yourself.

[Baby starts crying, but stops once we hear Jenna pick up the child.]

Jenna: Sssssshhhhh. Haha, I know, right? Grandma now. When does the fun part start? Sssssshhhhh.

Well we have been here forever. Since before any big corporations even took an interest in our city. That’s probably why we still prefer smaller, more personal shops – there’s more heart in these smaller establishments. They’re a good reminder of why we stayed…even when it was tempting to move away [baby start crying again] Hahaha. Oh brother.

Narrator: Tempe’s still growing, changing, and hopefully that won’t ever stop.

If the silver lining of living in a place like Tempe is that all the hard work will eventually pay off, the gold lining is that, one day, you’ll get to say you were an integral part of making it that way.

Come experience the city. Gold Bar Espresso. Located on the northeast corner of Southern Avenue and McClintock Drive, open 5 am-11pm.
Radio 3 : Local Jack: You’re really going to believe that young people can’t see the value in jazz? Are you deaf? Rocks can understand the value of good jazz – blind, deaf, and mute rocks.

Narrator: Haha. Okay, Jack, why?

Jack: Why? It’s undeniable. Look around and notice the latest trends – the fedoras and the bass-heavy tunes – you’ll soon understand that everyone loves it. They just might not realize their “it” is also my “it.”

Narrator: Meet Jack – a passionate man, undeniably. And a man like that usually does’t stop till he gets what he wants – awesome.

We’re looking for the Jacks of this world – we’ll take them hungry, cranky, or tired because that’s usually when they’re most passionate too.

Oh, and we have no problem supplying the jazz.

The silver lining of living in times like this is people like that. The gold lining is making them happy.

Gold Bar Espresso. Located on the northeast corner of Southern Avenue and McClintock Drive, open 5 am -11 pm and offering free jazz Friday and Saturday nights.
Radio 4 : Jazz The silver lining to Corporate America?
Its rejects become our entrepreneurs.
The gold lining?
Those entrepreneurs will eventually make more money The silver lining to one-note coffee shops?
Their customers eventually grow up and go somewhere else
The gold lining?
They’re coming to us Starbucks XTreme Bean Stealth Marketing
Gold Bar Competitors New Media Revisions Audience
Unseen Audience
Broadcast Competitors
"There Can Only Be One"Campaign National Basketball Association Creative Brief men aged 18-49 and those supporting/dependant on them (wives, children, and parents)

easily accessible print and television

the NBA is the most important thing in the day of everyone involved with this sport – players, sponsors, fans, the children of fans, etc.

straightforward and/or humorous to a male psyche

NBA is the most important thing in these lives
Target Audience:

Intended Media:

Main Benefits:

Feel of ads:

The One Idea:
The Game is First Campaign [Black screen]

In type: The biggest Lebron James fan is a college student living in Atlanta.

He’s been forced by the man to study hard and work long.

[cuts to shot of a college student in a studio college classroom. The professor is at the board, giving a lecture and he is paying close attention. The boy is wearing a hooded sweat shirt]

In type: And he plays that role willingly.

He knows he has to.

[Shot of a basketball game starting on the television screen of a bar]

[The boy looks up, as if to hear the game. He stands up, takes off his hood, and we notice he has the number 23 shaved into the back of his head. He stands up, bows graciously, and runs out of the lecture hall.]

In type: He also understands the important things in life.

Tyler Jones: Sports Fan

The Game Comes First

NBA Playoffs 2010
NBA Commericial 1 : Poet [Commercial opens with Tony Parker, sitting at a desk, looking frustrated and creatively exhausted with crumbled papers.]

[Black screen.]

In type: What if Tony Parker was a great poet?

….Aside from being one of the most aggressive line drivers in the NBA?

Heck, what if he already is? Would we know?

[back to a shot of Tony looking frustrated and annoyed. An alarm starts going off. Tony stands up from the table, moves over to it, and turns it off. The audience sees that it is an NBA alarm. He rips off his clothing and underneath is his Spurs uniform]

[Tony runs out the door]

[Black screen]

In type: “Would it matter?

[ shots of Tony Parker with the Spurs playing. Typical NBA playing shots]

[Black screen]

In type: Tony Parker: Basketball Player

The game comes first.

NBA Playoffs 2010
NBA Commercial 2 : Student National Mango Board History and Funding

Mission"to increase the consumption of mangos in the U.S. by uniting the industry and strengthening the mango market...through knowledge" Current and Previous Advertising
5 Main Marketing focuses Consumer Marketing and Public Relations

Retail Marketing and Promotions

Foodservice Marketing and Public Relations

Online Marketing

Trade Media Advertising & Publicity. Limited Product Knowledge

Supply-Chain Complications

"Exotic"Product Category

Barriers to Entry - A Global Market

Marketing Collaborators

Ward Consumer Research
Understanding the NMB Southeast Asia Origin

Portuguese Conquest

Buddhist symbols of life and happiness

South African symbol of fertility Product Understanding Target Audience: health-conscious, socially aware consumers (that make their buying decisions before entering a grocery store)

Intended Media: print, outdoor, and innovative POS advertising. Potentially television too.

Main Benefits: mangos are healthy, unique, and global

Feel of ads: direct, fun, crossing age boundaries seamlessly

The One Idea: The mango has a long and interesting history
NMB Creative Brief Print Campaing : Respect the Fruit Point of Purchase Stickers Billboard and Vendor Merchandise
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