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Equality and diversity

Equality and diversity for new starters

Sarah Porter

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Equality and diversity

Equalities and Diversity
How we use this
Why is diversity important?
The Equality Duty
People are different, our
services should reflect this
It is important because
We are all different
We have different needs
We may need services to be provided slightly differently

These are defined in the equality act through 'protected characteristics'
Sarah Porter - Policy & Performance
Accessible Services
Protected Characteristics
gender reassignment,
marriage and civil partnerships
pregnancy and maternity,
religion or belief and
sexual orientation.
Other things that we should consider
Literacy levels
Rural areas
Any others?
Understand our residents/users
or employees
Use this information to make sure existing
services are accessible and use this
information while we're designing
new services
A new duty which came into effect in April 2011
Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation
Advance equality of opportunity between different groups
Foster good relations between different groups
Specific duties for public sector
Prepare and Publish Equality Objectives
Publish Equality Information and analyis
Publish information about engagement
Publish information about our progress with the Duty
Removing or minimising disadvantages
suffered by people due to their
protected characteristic
Taking steps to meet the
needs of people from protected
groups where these are different
from the needs of other people
Encouraging people from protected
groups to participate in public life
or in other activities where their
particpation is dispoportionately low
Our Equality Objectives
1. Build equality into how we commission, procure and deliver services
2. Promoting equality as a local employer
3. Improving local engagement
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