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Copy of Drafting Tools

No description

Helga Brown

on 23 August 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Drafting Tools

Eraser Shield
Used to shield parts of a drawing from the eraser while it is used to erase other parts.
Used to draw lines that are horizontal and vertical to the paper.
Primarily for drawing circles and arcs. Also used to measure distances in segments.
Architect Scale
Used to find scaled measurements within fixed ratios.
For finding angles. Can also be used to draw circles and arcs.
A thin plastic tool in the shape of a right-angled triangle. Used to draw straight and perpendicular lines, as well as standard angle degrees. You have both a 30/60/90 Triangle and a 45/45/90 Triangle.
French Curves
Used for tracing arcs of circles and ellipses. Some can be bent to a desired curve.
Ruler (NOT in box)
Used to draw and measure straight lines that may be to a specific length.
Used to trace predetermined shapes. There are five types: Screw, Circle, Rectangle, Ellipse, and Architecture. Helpful when the same shape is drawn over and over.
Architecture Template-For doors, sinks, toilets, etc.
Ellipse Template-To draw ovals and arcs of ovals.
Screw Template-For tracing screws, like on a drawing of machinery.
Rectangle Template-For drawing rectangles and boxes, such as in a flow chart.
Circle Template-Although curves and compasses may be used, templates are faster and easier to use. They also create complete circles, whereas curves do not.
Lead Holder
Used to leave marks on a piece of paper or other surface. The marks form drawing that represent objects or words. Lead ranges from 8H to HB to 8B, based on hardness or softness of the graphite.
Used to remove pencil marks and edit drawing. Some erasers can be molded to erase smaller line segments.
Drafting Table or Board
Other than providing a surface to work on, drafting tables may have rulers parallel to the table and/or attached lights.
The work surface for any type of drawing. Come in a variety of sizes and ratios, illustrated by the chart to the left.
Drafting Tools
Original by Lily Wang - Revised by Helga Brown
^Drafting table, set square, compass, eraser, eraser shield, curves, pencils, paper, ruler
Tape or Dots
Used to secure paper to a surface so it does not move.
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