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Michael Waldinger

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of USGBC

USGBC & AIA Keys: Advocate:
Civics 101
Assemble and Petition

Ancient alliances-6th century BC
Federalist Paper No. 18--1787

Democracy in America
Joining forces
Training for Illinois Advocates mike waldinger
executive vice president Who's Involved Coalition Partners Future Priorities Why Advocate Overview & Introduction Lessons Learned Major Players Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity
-Bureau of Energy and Recycling
Capital Development Board
-Energy Code Advisory Council
Green Government Coordinating Council
-Green Building Advisory Committee
Clean Energy Community Foundation Advocates AIA Illinois with Industry Coalition
Environmental Law & Policy Center
Environment Illinois
Healthy Schools Campaign
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Sierra Club
USGBC Illinois Past Successes Unique Logistics Public Policy Over 30 new laws in 5 years
Nearly a dozen committees, task forces, advisory councils, etc.
Countless reports, symposiums & training sessions Follow the Money What's Next? Copenhagen}Cap and Trade}Climate Exchange
International Green Construction Code in 2012
Sustainable}Carbon Neutral}Zero Net Energy}Regenerative Stimulus
DOE - $21.8M in August, $40.5M in September
State & University Construction - $2B
School Construction - $1.5B
School Energy Efficiency - $150M
Urban Weatherization - $425M
Conservation/Brownfields/Water - $318.4M
$158M and counting
$69M in October, more ongoing plus round 2?
ASHRAE 90.1, IECC, LEED Silver, Energy Star
Net Metering, Efficiency Standards, Renewable Portfolios
2030 Challenge thank you! Always moving forward 114 in file, 765 tracked, 10,779 total

Rehab Tax Credit-SB 3429

Green Energy Tax Credit-SB 3147

Building Labels-SB 3429

Net Metering-HB 6202

Solar Rights-HB 5429 Story Time Any color you want more of that green crap... What kind of car do you drive? All of the above Perfect vs. Good Logistics
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