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Hans Spielman

No description

Kirsten Ladendorf

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Hans Spielman

Thank You!
Hans is a 22 year old male who is trying to get into better shape.
He is currently 274 lbs.
He doesn't exercise
He has a family history of obesity and cardiovascular disease
He has bad cholesterol
He has a very unhealthy diet
66.5(13.75x124.284) + (5.003x180.34)-(6.775x21) = 2535.37
Height: 3.25 m
Weight: 124.284 kg
Total BMI: 38.21
TDEE is the total daily energy expenditure and measures height, weight, age, and daily activity.
Hans wants to design a healthy strategy for getting his health back on track
He wants to lose at least 50 lbs.
He wants to be less at risk of dying at a young age, like his dad.
By: Dani Turczynski, Josh Cooper, Kirsten Ladendorf, Evan King, Aaron Stewart
Hans Spielman
BMR is the basal metabolic rate, and measures height, weight, and age.
BMI is the body mass index and measures kg and m.
BMR x 1.2 = 3042.444
Calorie Intake
Hans is taking in about 113,400 calories per month
He would be gaining six lbs per month if he maintains his current habits
Dietary Recommendations
Instead of drinking soda each day, switch to water, or a healthy alternative.
Put forth the effort to walk to class each day
Get into the habit of buying a variety of foods that don't have a high calorie intake.
Put forth the effort to stay with healthy activities such as basketball, jogging, etc.
Cut back on the alcohol
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