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Ronald Metellus

on 21 September 2009

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Transcript of Discovery

This is my presentation I am Ronald ME TELL US Purpose Discovery Something Cool Appease Trebor and Peers I Watch too much TV this could be important tv show i watched boxing on saturday... i like sports remember that guy in the green,white, and red trunks Joyce carol oates doesn't think boxing is a sport.
she wrote a book about it i like literary fiction... oates is a major figure in literary fiction. i prefer james joyce he is very stylish the last fight i watched awkward turtle rememeber me best fighters in their sport arguably after the fight? not so much... why is that? another in famous, yet great, artist. i'm crafting a blog post about why this is and what is means about fame oh yeah, i blog know. it can be difficult, but it's very fun. as you can see, the discovery is that

i like making connections

thank you
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