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Graciela Cortez

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Butterflies


Flying Away
Monarch butterfly's go to Mexico because in some places winter would start coming. They travel miles and miles. Until they reach Mexico.
Facts about Butterflies
A butterfly's life cycle has four parts, egg, larva, pupa, and adult
They have four wings
Males like to eat dead animals
Butterfly's drink nectar off of flowers. But they don't really eat at all. They have a tube like a straw and drink nectar.
Once the butterfly's reach Mexico they migrate. And that is when the female butterfly's lay their eggs. And a new generation starts.
There are four generations.After the female butterfly's lay their eggs they die. Then their eggs go through the process of the life cycle.
Life Cycle
This is a buttery's life cycle.It has four steps. A butterfly's life cycle starts with an egg, then larva, pupa, and adult.

Monarch butterfly's reach Mexico and then they migrate. When they reach Mexico they migrate on oyamel fir trees. And they stay in Mexico until
Giant Swallowtail
Giant swallowtails are similar to monarch butterfly's.They are found in North and South America.Giant Swallowtail's are most likely found in citrus trees.
Giant Swallowtail's and Monarch butterfly's are very similar.They both migrate. And these two butterfly's also drink nectar.
Buckeye Butterflies
Buckeye butterflies are found in all of United States except northwest.They also hibernate.They love sunny and open areas.
Cabbage White Butterfly

They are found in North America, Africa, Australia, and Europe.They eat cabbage and broccoli.If that is not available then they eat native plants.
Queen Butterfly
They are found in Asia and Africa.Queen butterfly's eat milkweed.They are also found in meadows and fields.
Parantica Sita
Parantica sita butterflies belong to the Crows and Tigers.They are found in Asia.Which is the Danaid group of the Brush Footed butterflies family.
Gulf Fritillary
They are found in the lower half of the United States.
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