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The Atom Timeline

Timeline of the atom

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Transcript of The Atom Timeline

The Atom Timeline The Democritus Model Democritus was the first person to think of the concept of an atom. Dalton's Theory John Dalton brought back the atom theory after Aristole rejected it. He thought: Thomson's Model J. J. Thomson was the man who changed the view of the atom by discovering electrons! He found the electron when he shot electricity through two magnets and saw that they were repelled from negative and attracted to positive Rutherford's Model Chadwick's Model Chadwick was the man who discovered neutrons He thought that eventually if you continue cutting up matter, you will hit a part of the matter that is indivisible. All matter is made of atoms

Atoms are indestructible.

Compounds are formed by a combination of two or more different kinds of atoms.

All atoms of an element are identical in mass and properties.

A chemical reaction is the rearrangement of atoms.

Atoms cannot be either created or destroyed. He created a new model called the "Plum Pudding" Bohr's Model Rutherford discovered the nucleus of the atom! Aristotle Aristotle did not agree with the idea of Democritus, the atom He believed all matter was made of four elements Greece ~ 400 BCE Greece ~ 350 BCE Britain ~ 1897 England ~ 1807 England ~ 1909 Denmark ~ 1913 England ~ 1932 by Piraanavan Kathirgamanathan Here is a brief video that recreates the experiment done by Ernest Rutherford and Hans Geiger: Atom Electron Nucleus Neils Bohr discovered that electrons have energy and because of that, they follow certain paths around the Nucleus Nucleus Orbiting Electrons
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