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clise G

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of TITANIC

• Immediate reactions : the press

• Social consequences

• Changes in maritime laws

• From history to myth
• 1912 : the spectacular event
The Aftermath of the Titanic
Chloé - Joséphine - Baptiste - Claire-Lise-Yuzuki

The Titanic through the press.
Social consequences
Women’s Right Movement
The press and the reflect of the gilded age
Who has been rescued ?
Reverend Leighton Parks
Women will regret if they "forfeited the sweet courtesy, the undisputed precedence which has been the time honored right of the eternal feminine"
• Maturity

• Gender

• Social class

Boat or vote ?
New York Times April 21st 1912
Changes in maritime laws
•Licenses for broadcasting
Some obvious issues
• SS Californian story
Other regulation laws
• shipbuilding codes (double hulls...)
• not enough lifeboats
• wireless communication issues
• communication issues in the ship
Radio act (1912)
• A trained operator on duty at all time
• Secondary power supply
• Direct communication between wireless
room and deck
• enough to carry all passengers

• drilled crew

• each person is assigned a lifeboat
• distress rockets
• international ice patrol (first by ships and then by aircraft)
• recommendations for captains
"Unsinkable Molly Brown"
Sylvia Pankhurst
Men's sacrifice ...
...a proof of the uselessness of women's suffrage ?
National American Woman Suffrage Association 1890
• essential feminism : different but equal

• Fight for suffrage at national level
1912 Climax
The Titanic is very very very famous
Thanks to Dicaprio?
The Titanic is NOT the only ship which caused numerous casualities
"Women and children first"
Nonetheless, the shipwreck of the Titanic has been particularly shocking and consequently brought about various consequences (social, legal, political and cultural)
But, why? what consequences?
Reactions foreshadow the 20c.
Challenging Positivism
Thank you for your attention
The age of dynamism
- industrialization, transcontinental roads, the golden rush, population boom etc.

.........with some problems
- Capitalistic society (Robbers Barons), Political corruptions, Slavery (racism), The Civil War (political turmoil) etc.
• Robber barons or hereos ?
• Money first !
public opinion attracted and shaped
event made substantial
The Titanic through the press, a pending affair, full of suspense
How contradictory information led to hysterical reactions.
“All Titanic passengers saved”,
Evening Bulletin
, April 15th.

“The news published in a few late editions of the morning newspapers […] and in the evening newspapers spread rapidly and consternation resulted”,
El Paso Herald,
April 16th.

Seeking sensations
“Greatest loss of life on one ship in all history” , El Paso Herald, April 16th.

“1512 unfortunate souls who almost in the twinkling of an eye went down
in inky darkness to the obscure depth of a watery grave two miles deep” , The Colfax Chronicle, April 20th.

>Great public emotion.
>drives more interest on the sinking of the Titanic
>prepare the public opinion to turn this event into a major public affair.

Trust in progress trough the perspective of a human catastrophe.
The belief in progress.

Demystifying technology.

“Titanic did not carry enough boats”, El Paso Herald.

>people disappointed about one leading element of the 19th century.
>explaines dramatic tonality of the press : tragedy of the loss of one deeply rooted certitude.
The growing attention of the public
The Evening Standard
(April 15th).

El Paso Herald
(April 16th).

New York Times
(April 28th),
The tragedy of the Titanic a complete story.
shipwreck reflected the modernity
-development of the media and
the public opinion
The Progressive Era
70% women saved
20% men saved
"Votes for women!"
Was the cry,
Reaching upwardto the Sky.
Crashing glass
And flashing eye-
"Votes for Women!"
Was the cry.

"Boats for women!"
Was the Cry.
When the brave
Were come to die.
When the end
Was drawing nigh-
"Boats for women!"
Was the cry

St Louis Post Dispacht
The sacrifice of men “should never have been required by law or custom”
A watershed moment for the suffragettes.
• 1918 : Representation of the People Act : vote to women over 30 who met minimum property criteria
• 1913-1945 : political issue
• 1945-97 : to an entertaining subject or to a myth ?
• 1997 : Cameron and the followers
From history to myth
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