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No description

Alli W

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Articles

ARTICLES Articles are short words that come before almost all nouns. a/an the some "a" and "an" are indefinite articles "a" is for nouns that start with a consonant - a dog
- a pencil
- a tree "an" is for nouns that start with a vowel - an animal
- an orange
- an apple "a" and "an" are for nouns It is for things we haven't talked about yet. new
count Angela bought a new dress. Sam ate an apple. I am a student. Indefinite articles ("a" and "an") are for new nouns. That is, nouns that we are talking about for the first time. * * * * * * Definite articles ("the") are for nouns we have already talked about, or nouns that there are only one of. they are not used for plural nouns Angela bought a new dresses. Sam ate an apples. they are not used for non-count nouns Chris washed the dishes in a water. Jamie has a homework. "the" is a definite article It is for things we have already talked about. Angela bought a dress. The dress is red. Tae has two dogs. The dogs are small. Luke drank some water. The water was cold. * Can it be used with plural and non-count nouns? "the" is also for nouns that there are only one of (or only one that matters) The earth is round. Barack Obama is the president of the United States. May I go to the bathroom? What do we do about new plural nouns?
Or new non-count nouns? Can we use "a" or "an"? NO NO Can we use "the"? We use the "zero" article. Ben likes hamburgers. Sugar is sweet. Pronouns also use the "zero" article Alli likes apples. Some proper nouns use the "zero" article Korea is a beautiful country. Some proper nouns use "the" The National Museum of Korea is in Icheon. The Mississippi River is in America. "Some" can also be an indefinite article for plural nouns and non-count nouns. Would you like some apples? Would you like some water?
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