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Ultimate Frisbee: An Introduction

PHED 217

Julie Jahn

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Ultimate Frisbee: An Introduction

Ultimate (Frisbee): An Introduction
Ultimate: Historical Roots
Objective: Catch thrown disc in opponents' end zone
Ultimate: Rules for PE
Learning Objectives ?
Presented by:
Professor Julie Jahn
Eastern Michigan University
Physical Education Program Coordinator
Quick Facts:
Yale University students would toss & "Frisbie" called out
Frisbie Pie Company, New Haven, CT
Upside-down pie tin
Walter Frederick Morrison
1951 pie tin
Invasion game
Open goal
High cardio/PA
Continuous pace
Air game (throw, catch, deflect/intercept)
2 end zones on opposite side of playing field
Advance disc up field by throwing & catching to make a catch in the end zone
No more than 10 seconds with the disc
No physical contact is allowed, including picks/screens
No steps with the disc; can use pivot foot
Other Rules to Consider
How to penalize contact, illegal steps
Walls/ceilings during indoor play

Starting Play
Throw off: "pull" at start of game or segments
Re-starting Play
After a score: non-scoring team jogs back down to opposite end. Scoring team (in end zone) pulls to non-scoring team when they are behind the end zone line
Possession change:
Anytime the disc is blocked, intercepted, dropped, or out-of-bounds
: 1 pt/score
PE modifications?
Backhand throw
Forehand throw
Track & run
Creating space
Preventing scoring
Field space with people (offense)
Spreading out the disc
Being in position to intercept
Person-to-person defense
Focus (player, field, thrower)

On-the-disc decision-making
Controlling the pace of the game
What receiver (decision-making)
What type of throw (decision--making)
Supporting teammate with disc by providing an outlet
Reminder of where to throw
& Team Strategy
Pacing of the game
Challenging the opponents' fitness
Attention to own fitness
Continuous play--CARDIO!!
Intervals with short breaks
Agility, jumping/power
Out of bounds:
Throw in (continuous)
Cognitive Focus
Affective Focus
Supporting teammates
Spirit of the game
Where to play--very common university game
Self-officiating and how to resolve disputes
Transfer to other invasion games
Games sense
Flow, pace
Fitness awareness
Understanding impact of outdoor elements
Ultimate Resources
Thank you!

Assessment Ideas
Cognitive assessment on tactical game scenarios
Video analysis of team's game play
Ultimate in the community project
Team Games Sense action plan
How to turn challenges into strengths
Action plan to develop
Team practice sessions
Ed Headrick--modern version
Cutters (mids)

Sandwich (pancake) catch
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